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Workforce involvement

Trying to improve workforce involvement (WFI) without a clearly thought out approach could actually make things worse rather than better; the resources shown here provide information on how to effectively introduce and maintain WFI within your organisation.

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE): "involving workers in health and safety leads to healthier and safer workplaces and produces a range of benefits for workers and managers".


WFI is generally used to describe the ways in which workers, including contractors, are encouraged to take part in discussion and the decision making process for managing health and safety at work. It can be difficult to engage workers and ensure effective involvement.

Recently there has been a move towards greater involvement of employees in decision making due to the business and safety benefits of increased workforce involvement. It is recognised that workforce ownership and participation in health and safety is essential for safety management to be effective, in particular in establishing a positive safety culture.

Workforce involvement resources:

Guidance on effective workforce involvement in health and safety - Developed for anyone who wants to find out more about effective workforce involvement in health and safety, this guidance document details the issues surrounding WFI and describes a three step approach to its implementation and is supported by case studies and assessment exercises.

NEW WFI poster pack - The WFI poster pack has been developed as a tool to support safety managers and leaders running WFI initiatives.

NEW Guidance on running a WFI campaign and using the WFI poster pack - Essentially a roadmap, this leaflet provides an introduction to WFI and details a simple five-step plan for conducting a successful WFI campaign.  It summarises and complements the more detailed guidance on WFI provided by EI Guidance on effective workforce involvement in health and safety and provides ideas on how to use the WFI posters.

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