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Workforce involvement (WFI) poster pack

It is generally accepted that good workforce involvement (WFI) in safety issues leads to organisations achieving high reliability status. With good WFI, workers (including contractors) are encouraged to take part in the decision making process about managing workplace health and safety.

WFI posters

To support safety managers and leaders, the EI has developed a series of posters to inform and encourage colleagues to contribute to WFI initiatives. The posters can be used in a variety of ways, as part of a planned WFI campaign – an effective and well thought out campaign should help build the foundations for long term WFI and can produce a range of benefits that reach beyond mitigating health and safety issues.

The posters tackle a number of themes and can be used to support a different aspect of a WFI campaign, as detailed in the accompanying 'campaign note'.  


Campaign note 

Essentially a roadmap, Guidance on running a WFI campaign and using the WFI poster pack provides an introduction to WFI and details a simple five-step plan for conducting a successful WFI campaign.  It summarises and complements the more detailed guidance on WFI provided by EI Guidance on effective workforce involvement in health and safety and provides guidance on how to use the WFI posters.  

The WFI posters and campaign note were launched with an article in Petroleum Review in March 2011.

Ordering online: 

The complete WFI poster pack can be purchased for £75.00.

The posters are also available individually at £15.00 each by clicking the individual links below.   Member and bulk discounts are available. All orders are supplied with a copy of the campaign note.

Individual WFI posters

1: What is workforce involvement?

2: What does the future look like with WFI?

3: What stops you from communicating safety issues?

4: What if you are the only person in your team who sees the risk?

5: When was the last time you raised a safety matter?

6: Your involvement…

7: What ideas do you have to improve safety?

8: Share your safety ideas  

WFI 'campaign note': Guidance on running a WFI campaign and using the WFI poster pack is also available as a free download.

The EI welcomes feedback on its publications.  If you have comments or questions about using the WFI poster pack, please contact Stuart King: