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Human factors awareness: web-based training course

This is a free web-based training course.

As of July 2015, nearly 2000 people have completed the Human Factors Awareness: web-based training course.  Here is what they had to say:

"Dear EI, I have just taken the Human Factors Awareness course.  It was interesting and very effective. "
"Clear, to the point. Excellent Tool!"
"It was recommended by my postgraduate professor as part of the Human Factors course and I have found the course very interesting and comprehensive."
"Great course, nice work!"
"Thank you, this was a very informative and interesting start to human factors.  The format was interesting and easy to use.  Excellent all round."
"This is a good basic tool to learn about HF and it encourages to read and learn on the subject."
"Excellent course - many thanks!"
"Very interesting session and brought quite a few things home!!"


The recognition and study of human and organisational factors is important for the effective management of occupational safety and major hazards safety, as well as for health management and environmental protection; yet, it is often poorly understood by senior managers, managers and others who are not safety, health and environmental specialists.

Senior managers may seek assurance of whether major hazards are effectively managed given high profile major accidents: increasing their and the workforce's understanding of human and organisational factors should assist in the process.

Web-based course

Human factors awareness is a free web-based course. It provides 11 modules including an introduction to human factors, and 10 modules based on the HSE key topics and EI ‘Top Ten’ human factors issues.

Each module provides:

  • an introduction to a human factors topic;
  • problems and issues linked to that topic;
  • the causal factors that make these problems and issues more likely;
  • possible solutions;
  • real examples and case studies where applying human factors has been beneficial, and
  • eight assessment questions to test learning.  

On completion of each module, users receive a score based on how well they answer the assessment questions.

The course is interactive, providing additional information and pop-up boxes, as well as links to other websites and videos to watch.  Each module will typically take around 30 minutes to complete, depending on how much of the additional information is viewed, and can be completed in a number of sittings.

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at building awareness of human and organisational factors issues.  It is intended for those who are responsible for managing people and safety – e.g. senior managers, managers, supervisors, and operators – as well as those seeking an introduction to human and organisational factors, but have little-to-no prior knowledge of the subject.

Although completion of all modules is recommended, users can complete 1 or more individual modules according to time constraints and interests.  The ‘Introduction to human factors’ module should be completed first (and by senior managers as a minimum).

Users may wish to take this course before embarking on more in-depth learning, such as from longer face-to-face training courses. 

Where to access

Access this course at:

You will need to register before taking the course.  Registration is free (follow the instructions from the Human factors awareness home page).