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Human factors - Staffing arrangements

The staffing arrangements webpage has been developed to provide those in the petroleum and allied major hazard industries with the resources necessary to better determine staffing arrangements in control rooms and similar locations. The webpage brings together guidance, research, case studies and useful links.

In 2004, the Energy Institute launched guidance setting out a best practice approach to the CRR348/2001 methodology that captures learnings from its use. In addition, the user guide sets out supplementary guidance on how best to apply the CRR348/2001 methodology to automated plant and/or equipment. The guidance was commissioned by the EI Human factors working group, funded by EI technical partners and HSE and prepared by Entec.

How to access the publication
EI Safe staffing arrangements - user guide for CRR348/2001 methodology: Practical application of Entec/HSE process operations staffing assesment methodology and its extension to automated plant and/or equipment (free download or priced hard copy) 

In addition, the blank staffing assessment forms and checklist that comprise Annexes D and F of the user guide are reproduced here as a downloadable Word document. This means that those carrying out staffing assessments using the CRR348/2001 methodology can simply use copies of the blank forms as presented in the user guide, and add their own comments before or during the assessment workshops.

Other resources

CRR348/2001 methodology - research
The user guide does not duplicate the contents of the CRR348/2001 methodology report, and so should be read alongside it. See HSE Assessing the safety of staffing arrangements for process operations in the chemical and allied industries, Contract Research Report CRR348/2001, HSE Books (2001) ISBN 0 7176 2044 1.

CRR348/2001 methodology – blank staffing assessment forms
Courtesy of HSE, the Physical assessment trees and Ladder assessments (preparatory questions and ladders) that comprise Appendices A and B respectively of the CRR348/2001 methodology report are reproduced as downloadable Word documents. Those carrying out staffing assessments using the CRR348/2001 methodology can simply use the resources presented in that report in assessment workshops and record their own comments.

Case studies
Two case studies are available that concern the successful application of human factors methodologies to reviews of staffing arrangements in the context of broader organisational changes at major hazard sites.

Forming part of the series of Human factors safety information bulletins, they are:

  • Assessing staffing requirements for hazardous situations
  • Managing organisational change

Find out more about the safety implications of organisational change from the Petroleum Review article 

Supervision research
Research carried out for HSE by Entec that comprises a methodology for companies to use to review their supervision regimes has been published by HSE Books. See HSE Different types of supervision and the impact on safety in the chemical and allied industries, RR292, HSE Books (2004) ISBN 0 7176 2929 5.

Useful links
EI Human factors briefing notes resource pack, Briefing note 3: Organisational change, Energy Institute (2003) ISBN 0 85293 340 9.
HSE Organisational change and major accident hazards, HSE CHIS 7 (2003).

Additional references on staffing arrangements and organisational change are provided in the Top ten human factors issues.