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Human factors - Top ten - 10. Managing human failure (including maintenance error)

10. Managing human failure (including maintenance error)

Human failure that lead to immediate or latent unsafe conditions, for example in maintenance.

Can include loss of containment, process integrity, or failure in service or on demand of plant and equipment.

Introductory resources

Practical tools

Advanced resources

  • Maintenance - reducing the risks, HSE OTO 007/2001, HSE Books (2001), ISBN 0 7176 2075 1 (  
  • Human factors guidance for selecting appropriate maintenance strategies for safety in the offshore oil and gas industry, HSE RR 213, HSE Books (2004), ISBN 0 7176 2839 6 (
  • Human Reliability, Error, and Human Factors in Engineering Maintenance: with Reference to Aviation and Power Generation.  B.S. Dhillon, B.S.  (2009), University of Ottawa, Canada,  ISBN:  9781439803837.
  • The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error, 2nd Edition, Dekker, S.  (2006), Lund University School of Aviation, Sweden, ISBN 978-0-7546-4825-3.
  • Learning from High Reliability Organisations, Hopkins, A. (2009). CCH, Australia, ISBN 978-1-9214-8597-8
  • Abnormal Situation Management website, The ASM consortium, (htt://    
  • Designing for Situation Awareness, Endsley, M.R.; Bolte, B. and Jones, D.G, First Edition (2003), CRC Press, ISBN- 0748409661.

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