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Human factors - Top ten - 6. Procedures (especially safety critical procedures)

6. Procedures (especially safety critical procedures)

Selecting, designing and managing procedures in a way that assists human reliability.

Unreliable or dangerous performance of tasks.

Introductory resources

Practical tools

Advanced resources

  • Preventing the propagation of error and misplaced reliance on faulty systems: a guide to human error dependency, HSE OTO 2001/053, HSE Books (2001), ISBN 0 7176 2104 9 (  
  • Fundamentals of procedure writing, Zimmerman, C. M. and Campbell, J.J., Kogan Page, London (1988).
  • Designing instructional text, Hartley, J. Kogan Page, London (1981).
  • Guidelines for the preparation of emergency operating procedures, NRC Rept. NUREG-0899, Washington DC (1982).
  • Information design: the design and evaluation of signs and printed material, Easterby, R.S. and Zwaga, H.J. (Eds.), Wiley, Chichester (1984).


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