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Asian hydrocarbon management forum

The HMC Asian Forum was established in Singapore in 2008 and comprises of local representatives from oil majors, inspection and service companies. The forum has a local chair and vice chair and is administered by a small team from the HMC in the UK.

The forum provides a vital link for the Asian region into the Hydrocarbon Management standards development process (EI and EI/API) in addition to giving the members an opportunity to discuss and address local Hydrocarbon Management issues. The Asian Hydrocarbon Management Forum reports directly to the EI Hydrocarbon Management Committee (HMC).

The Forum

Forum members have full access to the standards process and provide representatives to join Work Groups, allowing them to play a full part in standards development. The Forum meets regularly to address local issues relating to measurement of quantity, quality and loss control and makes proposals for new work to the HMC. The Forum reflects the full technical remit of the HMC from production through transportation, refining and distribution.

Forum Objectives

The objectives of the Forum are:

  • To provide a forum for discussion of hydrocarbon management issues and developments relating to the Asian region.
  • To provide a route for members from the region to participate in HMC activities through direct interaction with HMC.
  • To coordinate and communicate proposals for work items (projects or document development) which arise at the Forum to the HMC for consideration.
  • To coordinate and communicate input from regional representatives relating to work items being undertaken by HMC through its subcommittees:
    -     By encouraging regional representatives to participate in EI Work Groups
    -     By providing imput to documents being prepared by EI Work Groups

Forum Membership
Membership is open to companies or organizations who have a broad and ongoing interest in Hydrocarbon Management (quantity and quality measurement and loss control) and who can actively contribute to the Forum (membership is subject to the general approval of the Forum Members).

Local representatives of EI member companies are welcome.

Individuals and organisations who specialise more narrowly will be welcome to participate in development of standards through Work Groups.

If you would like further information on the forum or are interested in becoming an active member; please contact Kerry Sinclair  e: