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Hydrocarbon Management Committee (HMC)

The EI Hydrocarbon Management Committee (HMC), its Sub-committees and Work Groups develop and issue publications that reflect current industry best practice.

Guidance documents are developed by experts sitting on committees that form the structure of the standards section. Some of these experts also sit on BSI and ISO committees where they provide the UK's input into the development of International Standards.

The EI HMC manages the work programme of the following five subcommittees:

  • HMC-3 Petroleum measurement and cargo inspection
  • HMC-4 Oil transportation measurement
  • HMC-5 Refineries loss control
  • HMC-6 Marketing and distribution
  • HMC-7 Upstream hydrocarbon management.

The HM committees work closely with their counterparts within the American Petroleum Institute (API) and where ever possible produces joint EI/API guidance documents that can be used internationally.

If you would like more information on the Energy Institute's Hydrocarbon Management programme, would like to be included on the ‘Expert Register’ or are interested in becoming an active contributor, please contact Kerry Sinclair  e: