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Joint Committee on Hydrocarbon Management (JCHM)

A Joint Committee on Hydrocarbon Management (JCHM) consisting of members from the EI Hydrocarbon Management Committee (HMC) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) COPM (Committee on Petroleum Measurement) manages the work programme with projects being carried out by Joint Work Groups operating under the existing subcommittees within each organisation. The standards are published jointly by the two organisations and are then generally made available for adoption by ISO.

Hydrocarbon Management work groups

A few of the joint API/EI work groups already established are listed below:

  • Automatic pipeline sampling
  • Gauging and sampling under closed or restricted conditions
  • Procedures for bulk liquid chemical cargo inspections by cargo inspectors
  • Aviation fuel metering 
  • Measurement of LNG, LPG and chemical gases on marine vessels
  • Meter proving
  • Atmospheric hydrocarbon emissions from marine vessel transfer operations
  • Online water monitors
  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Testing protocol for pressure, differential pressure and temperature measuring devices
  • Level measurement of light hydrocarbon liquids on board marine vessels by automatic tank gauging
  • Allocation measurement.

If you would like more information on the Energy Institute's Hydrocarbon Management programme, would like to be included on the ‘Expert Register’ or are interested in becoming an active contributor, please contact Kerry Sinclair e: