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Tehnical Safety AviationThere are approximately 4,900 airports in the world that operate scheduled flights. The provision of fuel for the 155,000 daily commercial jet fuellings at these airports forms a significant part of the downstream business for many oil companies. An aircraft is fuelled somewhere in the world every 1.8 seconds!

The Energy Institute (EI) works with international engineering stakeholders to prepare materials to assist in the reliable and safe provision of jet fuel to commercial aircraft.

Areas of activity include conducting technical research, preparing codes of safe practice and equipment performance specifications, commenting on regulatory documents and disseminating the latest technical information to relevant bodies.

Due to the international nature of the aviation refuelling business, the EI's aviation technical programme has truly global implications and worldwide input.

During 1999 - 2010, all of the EI's work in this area was undertaken jointly with the API.

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