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EI/JIG STANDARD 1530 Quality assurance requirements for the manufacture, storage and distribution of aviation fuels to airports

EI/JIG 1530 provides a standard to assist in the maintenance of aviation fuel quality, from its point of manufacture through (sometimes complex) distribution systems to airports. It provides mandatory provisions and good practice recommendations for the design/functional requirements of facilities, and operational procedures.


EI/JIG 1530 is intended for adoption worldwide, by any company or organisation involved in the refining, storage or handling of aviation fuel upstream of airports. This includes those companies/organisations responsible for the design, construction, operation, inspection or maintenance of refineries, pipelines, marine vessels, coastal/inland waterway barges, road tankers, rail tank cars or storage installations, and aviation fuel testing laboratories and inspection companies.


The need for the management of aviation fuel quality throughout the supply chain has been recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and is described in its Doc 9977 Manual on civil aviation jet fuel supply which has been issued to the civil aviation authorities of the 191 Member States of ICAO. EI/JIG 1530 is included in the ICAO Manual as a key reference.


The overriding philosophy implicit in EI/JIG 1530 is that, at each step in the fuel’s journey from refinery to airport, all the parties involved, have a shared responsibility for maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the fuel at that point in the supply chain, and should not expect the parties further downstream to remedy any deficiencies.


The requirements and recommendations detailed in EI/JIG 1530 incorporate those previously published as JIG 3 Standards for aviation fuel quality control and operating procedures for supply and distribution facilities (Issue 11, January 2012) and closely align with those in API Recommended Practice 1595 Design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of aviation pre-airfield storage terminals and API Recommended Practice 1543 Documentation, monitoring and laboratory testing of aviation fuel during shipment from refinery to airport.


Since its publication in October 2013, EI/JIG 1530, and the associated self-assessment tool, has been used by over 200 companies to assess their facilities and operations against the requirements and recommendations of the standard. EI/JIG is currently collating feedback on the technical content, gained through this implementation activity, for consideration in the development of a 2nd edition (due before year end 2018).


Please submit your comments using the template provided, by email to by no later than 30 September 2016. All feedback received by that date will be reviewed by the EI.

14 November 2013 - New global standard for management of aviation fuel quality


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EI/JIG 1530 1st edition feedback - comment template (DOCX 15 Kb) [ Show summary ]