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EI Aviation fuel filtration committee

Welcome to the homepage of the EI Aviation Fuel Filtration Committee

The EI has a long history of working with technical representatives from major aviation fuel suppliers and filter manufacturers to develop publications to facilitate the purchase of filtration components.

The publications provide laboratory qualification test protocols, and specify minimum performance levels for a range of filters. Much laboratory testing and research has been invested into developing these protocols by the EI and filter manufacturers in recent decades. The portfolio of titles is as follows:

As it is mandated in many aviation fuel handling operations to use equipment that is "qualified to" EI publications, most users of filter components will be familiar with the publication numbers. Typically, manufacturers/suppliers market their products as being "qualified to" the publications, e.g. to "EI 1581 5th edition". Very few operators will have any knowledge of the qualification requirements specified in the publications – but then they are written primarily for use by filter manufacturers.

In 2007 we published EI 1550 Handbook on equipment used for the maintenance and delivery of clean aviation fuel. This provided information for everyone involved in the handling of aviation fuel, and described background information and key points to consider in the application/use of the different types of filter. It also described what is involved in laboratory "qualification testing" by manufacturers. It is recommended that anyone involved in aviation fuel handling and the use of filter components should read 1550.

A second edition of EI 1550 is now available. It includes five new chapters, covering:

  • differential pressure: its measurement, monitoring and correction
  • de-rating filter monitor vessels with blank/dummy elements and filter/water separators with blinds/caps;
  • filtration system installations (fixed facilities);
  • management of change, and
  • manufacturer’s model codes for filter elements

For further information on the EI’s aviation fuel handling portfolio, please contact:

Martin Hunnybun
Technical Team Manager – Fuels & Fuel Handling