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Many pieces of plant and equipment used in the oil industry require the use of electricity, and as such electrical engineering issues affect all aspects of upstream and downstream petroleum industry operations, including (but not limited to): the classification of hazardous areas; the safe operation and testing of electrical equipment on petroleum installations; the control of potential hazards due to static electric discharge; the assessment of electrical supply protection; etc.

The technical issues involved in electrical engineering in the oil industry are co-ordinated by the EI’s Electrical Committee. In addition to deciding upon the research carried out by EI on this area, the Electrical Committee manages and maintains a broad portfolio of EI codes of practice and guidance, represents the industry on national and international standards committees, and contributes to enhancing the competence of electrical practitioners working on petroleum installations.

If you would like further information on the activities of the Electrical Committee, please contact the Toni Needham e:

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