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Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) is to:

Define, focus and resource the EI' s technical programme to provide industry with cost-effective,
value-adding knowledge on key current and future issues.

The objectives are:

  • Define, prepare and prioritise the three-year technical business plan and annual technical work programme.
  • Manage the EI' s technical budget.
  • Monitor, measure and record performance and completion on key activities.
  • Ensure the communication of the technical programme to Industry stakeholders and act as external ambassadors for the EI.
  • Identify emerging issues and potential impacts, and determine the role and level of EI involvement.

STAC consists of senior energy industry representatives who collectively provide guidance and advice to the EI's technical committees that develop the annual technical work programme, within the framework of the three-year business plan. It meets three times a year in March, June and September. A summary of the technical work carried out during the previous year is presented on behalf of the technical committees by STAC to EI Council at the Council Symposium.

By maintaining an open dialogue with the membership, government and regulatory authorities value-adding projects are identified.

The results of this research are made generally available through discussion groups, conferences, workshops, codes of practice, guidance documents and other EI publications. In future it is hoped that this website will also play an increasing role in disseminating this information.


Attached documents

Guidelines on Compliance with Competition Law (PDF 37 Kb) [ Show summary ]

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