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Publication year searches

User notes on searching by publication year

With publication year searches, the user selects a range of years to search.The field searched is 'Publication year'.Search tips:

  • The number of Catalogue entries diminishes rapidly with time; the oldest dates to 1975.
  • To search a single year, the same year should be entered in each box.
  • Some publishers do not specify a publication year. Such records will not be included in results.
  • Some records have multiple publication years, for example where a corrigendum has been issued, possibly in a subsequent year. For such cases, the Catalogue includes a full record for each and explanatory text in the 'Comment' field.
  • Some records contain the month published; where appropriate, the record includes explanatory text in the 'Comment' field.
  • To enable more focused searching, users should consider what level of documents they require; for example, Level 2 should be checked to search for generic documents.