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A joint industry and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Workshop was held on 7th November 2002, which was attended by a wide range of representatives from industry and the regulator. Its purpose was to discuss the possible content of a suitable technical guidance catalogue. The participants then identified documents for a number of technical disciplines; these were used as a basis for creating the first edition of the Catalogue. The Energy Institute gratefully acknowledges the contributions made by representatives of the following organisations that attended that Workshop:

Det Norske Veritas
Genesis Oil & Gas
Health and Safety Executive
International Association of Drilling Contractors
Lloyd's Register
Maersk Contractors
Total E&P UK plc
Well Servicing Contractors Association

Company and organisation names refer to the time of participation.
A working group was then formed to assist in developing the first and second editions of the Catalogue, which comprised:

Malcolm Birkinshaw Health and Safety Executive (Offshore Division)
Robert Hirst Total E&P UK plc
Robert Kyle UKOOA
Alastair Mudie Shell E&P UK Limited
Mark Scanlon Energy Institute
Chris Venn Wood Group Engineering (North Sea) Ltd
Colin Weil Consultant

Affiliations refer to the time of participation.

Mark Scanlon co-ordinated the project. The assistance of Energy Institute personnel in preparing the Catalogue for publication is acknowledged.

The Institute acknowledges HSE's co-operation in making available their GASCET resource and for co-sponsoring this project.

It is believed that the use of the Catalogue will assist in helping those involved in the UK offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry be aware of relevant technical guidance. The individual members, their companies and organisations, the Energy Institute and their agents in developing the Catalogue cannot accept any responsibility of whatsoever kind for loss or damage or alleged loss or damage arising or otherwise occurring in or about the premises, areas or facilities to which the Catalogue has been applied.

The Energy Institute gratefully acknowledges the financial contributions towards the scientific and technical programme from the following companies:

BG Group
BHP Billiton Limited
BP Exploration Operating Co Ltd
BP Oil UK Ltd
Chevron Ltd
ConocoPhillips Ltd
ExxonMobil International Ltd
Kerr-McGee North Sea (UK) Ltd
Kuwait Petroleum International Ltd
Murco Petroleum Ltd
Shell UK Oil Products Limited
Shell U.K. Exploration and Production Ltd
Statoil (U.K.) Limited
Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd
Total E&P UK plc
Total UK Limited