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Annex C

Related web sites

The following list includes bodies involved in the development of guidance as well as several major organisations supporting the industry.


Website address

American Bureau of Shipping

American Institute of Steel Construction

American National Standards Institute

American Petroleum Institute

British Standards Institution

Civil Aviation Authority


Department of Energy

Det Norske Veritas

Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation

European Committee for Standardisation

European Federation of Corrosion


Fisheries and Offshore Oil Consultative Group

Health and Safety Commission Offshore Industry Advisory Committee

Health and Safety Executive Offshore Division

Health and Safety Executive Hazardous Installations Directorate

HSE Books for explanation see http

International Association of Classification Societies

International Association of Drilling Contractors

International Association of Oil and Gas Producers

International Cable Protection Committee

International Electrotechnical Commission

International Marine Contractors Association

International Maritime Organisation

International Standards Organisation

International Standards Organisation - Technical Committee 67 (petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries)

Lloyd's Register of Shipping

Marine Technology Directorate

Publications now available from

National Association of Corrosion Engineers

National Fire Protection Agency


Norwegian Oil Industry Association

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Step Change in Safety

Temporary location:;

will become:

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association

United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association