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Information on catalogue levels

Information on catalogue levels

There are several different forms of guidance available, ranging from clarification of the use of regulations to more technical standards for management of operations and integrity of individual types of equipment.

The Catalogue has been structured to assist the user by separating documents into the following three levels dependent on their intent:

Level 1 - Regulation, interpretive guidance and ACoP: Interpretive guidance and ACoP may accompany the Regulations themselves and are usually developed by, and the responsibility of, the HSE;
Level 2 - Top level technical guidance: Generic documents covering for instance hazard management;
Level 3 - Topic based technical guidance: Specific documents, such as guidelines, codes, standards, etc., that relate to installation types, disciplines or equipment.

These levels are shown in Figure 1.1.

Figure 3.1

Figure 1.1 - Catalogue levels

The classification into these levels has been taken with some care; however, where documents provide guidance spanning these levels, they have generally been included within each level.

Within any specific level there are multiple disciplines and the Catalogue offers the ability for the user to search through the myriad of documents available by discipline. Thus, if involved with (say) fire prevention, the user can concentrate on those documents covering the relevant regulations, good practice, technical specification and operation. The various topics and disciplines included within the Catalogue are shown in Figures 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4; terms listed in their boxes can be used to search the Catalogue's relevance listings. The user is warned that these relevance terms are indicative, covering their main topics only, and that documents may have been allocated more than one relevance term.

The listing to Level 3 documents within the Catalogue includes a very wide range of specific documents, such as guidelines, codes, standards, etc. Within Level 3 changes are occurring continuously. The various topics and disciplines are shown in Figure 1.4

Figure 3.2

Figure 1.2 - Relevance of documents within Level 1

Figure 3.3

Figure 1.3 - Relevance of documents within Level 2

Figure 3.4

Figure 1.4 - Relevance of documents within Level 3

Information on catalogue records

The Catalogue contains records for over 500 documents with data allocated to the following fields:

  • Publication series;
  • Document number;
  • Publication year;
  • Title;
  • Related web site;
  • Comment;
  • Relevance.

Some specific points regarding records are:

  • They are only accurate at the time of publication; the user should verify the status of particular documents.
  • Only publicly available documents are included.
  • As the Catalogue has been compiled specifically for users operating within the UK offshore oil and gas E&P industry, where relevant the numbering of standards indicates UK adoption by inclusion of the BS designation.
  • In some cases, there is no entry for particular fields; for example, with some 'Publication year' and 'Document number' entries, and with the 'Comment' field for many Level 3 records.
  • ISO standards produced by the ISO technical committee for oil and gas (ISO/TC67) have titles that begin with 'Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries'. To assist the user, these introductory words have been omitted from the 'Title' field.
  • The 'Comment' field contains various data such as corrigenda, relationships to other documents, status of documents that are 'close to publication', scope of regulations, etc.