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Test methods

The Committee continues to focus its efforts on the development of standard test methods to meet:

  • The needs of the European and national fuel, lubricant and bitumen specifications
  • Environment and safety requirements
  • The application of new technology.

In addition it:

  • Provides technical input for the development of European norms and international standards and actively supports collaborative work within CEN and ISO.
  • Continues to work with other standards organisations and where appropriate produce joint technically equivalent standards.
  • Organises forums for the exchange of technical ideas and the dissemination of information related to test methods and their use in specifications.
  • Ensures that the knowledge and experience resident in the UK is represented at meetings dealing with the development of standard test methods and fuel quality monitoring protocols.
  • Works wherever possible with other organisations, such as DIN of Germany, AFNOR of France, NEN of Holland and UNI of Italy to produce standards. In addition it has a fifty-year-old relationship with ASTM International with whom it publishes some 70 IP/ASTM joint standard test methods.

IP standards are called up by regulatory authorities, and in various MoD product quality control specifications and they are used as the basis for the development of International Standards and European Norms.

Search IP Test Methods equivalences  on the EI's publishing website.

IP Standard Methods for analysis and testing of petroleum and related products, and British Standard 2000 Parts, 2018

A compilation of Standards based on both traditional and modern instrumentation techniques, published annually. The 2018 edition contains 321 full methods and 10 proposed methods. Changes for the 2018 edition include 2 new full methods. 8 test methods have significant changes, and many have minor changes.

Three volume paperback set. Price includes a searchable USB stick of full text, bitumens and artwork.  To purchase online please  click here.

76th ed.    2018    ISBN 9780852938621               £785.00

Individual copies of IP methods and BS Standards 2000 series (including bitumen test methods) can be purchased online at: 


BSI PTI/13 Petroleum Testing and Terminology Committee

This Committee is responsible for the UK’s input to the development of international standard test methods and European norms for petroleum and related products. The EI provides the secretariat for this Committee and it is fully integrated into the Test Methods Standardization Committee structure.

If you would like more information on the Energy Institute's Test Methods Standardization programme please contact the Technical manager, Rattanjit Gill  e:

Click here for further information on relevant Technical Publications.

Code of practice for communicating changes to apparatus specified in IP test methods is available for free in PDF format from the EI's publishing website. To download this publication, please click here.

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