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Bespoke Training

The EI regularly designs and delivers tailored programmes for energy managers, technicians, maintenance staff and others who affect their organisation’s energy usage. 

Whatever your training needs, the EI can develop a training package to meet your individual specifications.

Why train your staff with an EI training course?

EI training courses can help your organisation reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency and develop energy management solutions.

With the current raft of new measures, regulations and incentives being deployed, it has never been more essential to keep your energy management staff trained and up to date, ensuring your business does not get left behind.

Proactive energy training will save your organisation money - reducing waste and energy bills.

If you have several staff members requiring energy management training, a bespoke course can be the most cost effective and convenient option, and enables us to customise the course content to fit your specific requirements. 

What we do:

  •  Training for energy management staff
The EI can provide expert training at any level for staff that are responsible for the management of energy within your company. This may include monitoring energy use, implementing energy saving projects, or conducting energy audits specific to your working environment. We are able to deliver any of our 3 levels of energy management training as an off-the-shelf in-house course, customise any level to fit your organisation, or develop an entirely new course to your exact specifications.

•  Energy Awareness for all staff
It is not just energy managers that can influence your company’s energy usage – every member of staff has a part to play. If you would like some basic awareness training for your staff, the EI will provide you with a programme which highlights the importance of saving energy and gives guidance on practical ways for staff to make a difference. We also offer the opportunity to create a bespoke version of our EnergyAware online staff awareness tool.

How we work:

We will agree a set of learning outcomes with you based on your organisational needs. Our expert trainers will then design a practical and interactive programme for your staff focusing on the skills and knowledge they need to make changes in the workplace. All delegates will be provided with a certificate of attendance. Our trainers can visit your organisation or we can arrange a training venue if preferred. 

Our clients:

We frequently provide bespoke training for a variety of organisations in the UK and internationally. Some of our current and past clients include:


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For more information or to get a quote, contact the training team at or (0)20 7467 7178.

Case study

The Co-operative Group
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Open courses

EI Level 1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials

EI Level 1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials (online)

EI Level 2: Energy Management Professional

EI Level 3: Advanced Energy Manager

Staff awareness training

EnergyAware - 30-minute online tool