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Module 5 - Energy auditing in practice

Energy audits are investigations of a site's energy use a vital part of energy management practice.  It is through energy audits that measures for cost and energy savings are identified.  This module will cover the drivers, motivation and benefits of energy audits, as well as practical methods of conducting an audit as energy manager.

Course topics

• Energy auditing introduction
• Use of external parties 
• Types of energy audit
• Carrying out an energy audit (energy audit process)
• Preparing for an energy audit and preliminary work
• Collecting data
• Conducting the audit
• Analysing energy data
• Energy consumption data 
• Energy management practices 
• Performance of a system, process or equipment/plant item 
• Equipment 
• Energy audit measurements

Learning outcomes

Once you have completed this module you will:

• Be able to assess the benefits and drivers of an energy audit
• Have knowledge of the Energy Audit Process and the elements that make up the process
• Understand how to plan and carry out an energy audit
• Be confident with the process of reviewing energy data and analysis in the energy audit process
• Have knowledge of the equipment and key considerations required when carrying out an energy

Course Costs

Full course
EI Member: £1350.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £1550.00 (+VAT)

Single module
EI Member: £175.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £225.00 (+VAT)

For more details please contact the training department at: or 0207 467 7135