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Module 1 - Introduction to energy management: building an energy management process

This introductory module provides you with an overview of energy management, its relevance to your organisation and why it is important to ensure energy management skills are supported.  It will also show how you can demonstrate significant cost savings through efficient management of your energy. 

Course topics

• Energy and energy management
• The role of an energy manager
• A systematic approach to energy management
• Skills and qualifications
• How much can your organisation save

Learning outcomes

By taking this module you will learn how to define:
 • energy
 • energy management
 • role of the Energy Manager

You will gain an understanding of:
 • the significance of energy management
 • the multidisciplinary nature of the Energy Manager role
 • how much money an Energy Manager could save for your organisation

You will determine whether or not your organisation is carrying out a systematic approach
to energy management


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