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Module 3 - Monitoring and targeting techniques

This module focuses on the process of energy Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) and how you can use it as a tool for managing energy within your organisation. M&T is one of the fundamental management techniques that can be used in any size and type of organisation, whether industrial, commercial or public sector. The purpose of M&T is to gain a better understanding of how energy is being used. This module will give the skills to correctly apply it to help identify if there are signs of avoidable waste or other opportunities to reduce consumption.

Course topics

• What is monitoring and targeting?
• Reporting exceptions - league tables
• Estimating expected consumption
• Activity based M&T
• M&T analysis
• Degree-days
• Fixing a target
• Setting up an M&T System
• Proprietary M&T software
• Data quality issues

Learning outcomes

By taking this module you will:

• Gain knowledge on techniques to monitor and target energy consumption in your organisation.
• Apply M&T techniques with confidence to detect avoidable energy waste and to
  quantify savings achieved by your energy projects.
• Be able to establish a challenging but realistic energy target for your organisation.

Course Costs

Full course
EI Member: £1350.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £1550.00 (+VAT)

Single module
EI Member: £175.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £225.00 (+VAT)

For more details please contact the training department at: or 0207 467 7135