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Module 6 - Report writing and assessment

This module is designed to discuss aspects of effective report writing, and what makes a good energy report.  This should enable you to maximise the impact of your energy survey findings.  The structure and contents of energy survey reports is included in the discussion.

Course topics

• Effective Writing
• Useful Techniques
• How are reports read?
• Executive Summary
• Action Plan or Table of Recommendations
• Introduction
• Energy Usage (or sometimes Energy consumption or Energy Audit)
• Energy Management Information
• Energy Reduction Opportunities (or Energy Savings Measures)
• Conclusion and Findings
• Appendices
• Presenting and Presentations
• Checklist

Learning objectives

Once you have completed this module you will:

• Know the contents and style of energy report writing
• Understand how reports are read and in what ways this should affect how you write
• Be able to make an effective business case for prospective opportunities
• Understand how best to go about presenting and developing presentations

Course Costs

Full course
EI Member: £1350.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £1550.00 (+VAT)

Single module
EI Member: £175.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £225.00 (+VAT)

For more details please contact the training department at: or 0207 467 7135