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Module 8 - Energy management: project development

The purpose of this module is to look at the challenges that arise in developing and then managing a project through to its successful end.  This will include time and people management, as well as the practical and technical challenges that must be overcome when implementing an energy management project.

Course topics

• Should I use a consultant?
• Project stages
• Routes to finance
• Risks and barriers
• Assessing the financial potential
• What tools are available to help
• Monitoring and verifying results
• Post occupancy evaluations
• Comparing suppliers and quotes
• Drawing up an invitation to tender

Learning objectives

On completion of this module you will:

• Know how to identify what help I may require from internal resources plus external resources such
  as energy consultants, advisors and suppliers.
• Understand how to assess the financial potential of any revenue or capital expenditure project.
• Have awareness of what resources are available to help plan and finance any expenditure related
• Understand how to overcome both financial and human barriers to change.
• Have learnt how to prepare a specification for a project that highlights all of the relevant
  parameters, reduces risk, and increases understanding for internal and external stakeholders.

Course costs:

Full course
EI Member: £1350.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £1550.00 (+VAT)

Single module
EI Member: £175.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £225.00 (+VAT) 

For more details please contact the training department at: or 0207 467 7135