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Module 9 - Renewables

This module introduces sources of renewable energy and the technologies used to exploit them. It provides an overview of the legislative drivers and financial incentives that support the technologies, leading to the recent expansion in the market in the UK, EU and globally.

Course topics

• Introduction to Renewables
• Low and zero carbon technologies
• 'Green' electricity
• Incentives and grants
• Renewable heat and power
• The financial and non-financial cases for renewables
• Passive design
• Maintenance and lifecycle costs
• Which technologies are right for me?

Learning outcomes

By taking this module you will:

• Be able to identify key renewable energy sources and the technologies available to exploit them
• Be able to state differences & similarities between technologies designed to exploit renewable
  energy sources and those focussed upon fossil fuels
• Have developed an understanding of the concept of carbon emission reduction and how
  renewable energy technologies can contribute to this
• Have developed an understanding of key UK legislation and incentives to support investment in
  renewable energy technologies
• Be able to develop an overview of passive techniques to exploit renewable sources of energy

Course Costs

Full course
EI Member: £1350.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £1550.00 (+VAT)

Single module
EI Member: £175.00 (+VAT)
Non-Member: £225.00 (+VAT)

For more details please contact the training department at: or 0207 467 7135