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ESOS Toolkit

The EI’s ESOS toolkit is designed for those undertaking audits to comply with ESOS legislation. This toolkit can be used by anyone working towards ESOS compliance, whether as an ESOS Lead Assessor or by someone within a company preparing to appoint an assessor. 

The toolkit includes:


Tool A: Overview and introduction - a guide to ESOS and the toolkit


Tool B: Total Energy Consumption tool - collate energy data for a Company or Group in either units of energy cost, energy   consumption or distance, and produce a view of the total energy profile.


Tool C: ESOS Audit Template - outlines the scope, content and output of a best practice ESOS Audit.


Tool D: Life Cycle Cost Analysis tool - collate data from scenarios and determine the life cycle cost analysis of business as usual verses an investment in new equipment. Compare over a defined period of between 1 and 20 years.


Tool E: ESOS Commercial considerations - advice for consultants entering into an agreement with a client to conduct ESOS work. (May also be useful from a client point of view when hiring a consultant.)







Toolkit webinar:

Before using the toolkit, we recommend watching the video below:



Members of EI Lead Assessor register
(RPEC or Chartered Energy Manager) - to order please
contact the training team at

£99 + VAT


Other EI member

£149 + VAT



£299 + VAT


10% discount for purchase of 5 or more toolkits in the same transaction.








About ESOS

ESOS Energy Audits must be undertaken or approved by a qualified Lead Assessor. An ESOS Audit may be undertaken by someone other than a qualified Lead Assessor, provided the audit is overseen or approved by a Lead Assessor.

To learn more about ESOS, download our ESOS briefing guide - your guide to understanding and complying with ESOS.