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An innovative 30-minute online tool focussed on raising energy awareness in the workplace, certificated by the Energy Institute. 

Who will benefit from this tool?
Any staff member in your organisation who uses energy. Users need have no prior knowledge or experience of energy usage or management.

Why use EnergyAware?
EnergyAware will provide your staff with an insight into energy consumption and the impact this has on cost in the workplace. It will help them create a customised, actionable checklist of behavior changes and smart technology decisions that they can take away and implement.

EnergyAware helps your organisation develop a company-wide commitment to energy efficiency so you can reduce your energy costs and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. And the EI's EnergyAware certification gives you the stamp of approval needed to tangible demonstrate your commitment to energy efficiency.

Key features:

  • Immersive: this highly interactive tool helps get your staff thinking about their role in energy use
  • Focus on personal engagement: the user's journey begins at home before moving on to the workplace. This helps develop a personal commitment to energy efficiency
  • Relevant: users can visit the workplace that is appropriate for them (office, factory or warehouse), or a bespoke workplace can be created to fit your organisation
  • Practical: as they progress, users put together an action plan that can be proactively implemented in their own workplace. Your nominated administrator will be able to access and download this data as users complete the tool.


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For more information or to purchase EnergyAware for your staff, please contact or t: +44 (0)20 7467 7178.

Free demo

Please click here to view a short, free demonstration of the tool.

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