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Online CPD modules

The online training modules below are designed to be undertaken individually as CPD, or as part of a full course leading to the qualifications indicated.

Individual training modules are for development purposes only and are not assessed, however CPD certificates are available on request for completed modules.

Level 1 modules - available now
Full course: EI Level 1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials

•  Introduction to energy management – 
    building an energy management process

•  Metering and buying

•  Metering monitoring and targeting techniques
•  Regulations and standards

•  Energy auditing in practice

•  Energy auditing: report writing

•  Energy management solutions

•  Energy management: project development

•  Renewables

•  Mounting an effective staff awareness campaign

Level 2 modules - available from July 2016
Full course: EI Level 2: Energy Management Professional

•  The role of an energy manager
•  Heat transfer
•  Fuels and Combustion
•  Finance
•  Project implementation
•  Heating and ventilation
•  Air conditioning and refrigeration
•  Lighting
•  Motors and drives
•  Thermal comfort and building physics
•  On-site electricity generation
•  BMS systems
•  The energy industry and energy costs
•  Regulations and incentives
•  Energy auditing
•  Metering and verification
•  Data testing and analysis
•  Energy management and transport
•  Electricity grids
•  Energy and the environment
•  Energy management systems and standards
•  Carbon management plans
•  Water systems and auditing
•  Compressed air
•  Process heat and steam


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To access, please complete and return the registration form, making sure to specify which module(s) you would like to book onto. 

Please note that if you would like to pursue either the Level 1 or Level 2 qualifications you will need to book onto the relevant full course.

Price per module

EI Member price: £175  + VAT
Non-member price: £225 + VAT