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Developed in partnership between the Energy Institute, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), and the Future Water Association, ResourceAware has been designed to help organisations and individuals manage resources more efficiently and effectively.  

What is ResourceAware?

ResourceAware is a package of three innovative 30-minute online staff-awareness tools: EnergyAware, WasteAware and WaterAware, accredited by the Energy Institute, CIWM and the Future Water Association.

Each tool is fun, interactive, and packed with information on how staff members can help support efficient resource management throughout your organisation. They can also be fully customised to fit your organisational needs.

The programme focusses on the following core themes:

  • How can we be more energy efficient?
  • How can we reduce the amount of waste we generate?
  • How can we manage water effectively and responsibly?

Who will benefit from this programme?

Any staff member in your organisation who uses energy, waste and water resources. Users need have no prior knowledge or experience of resource usage or management.

The programme can be used by:

  • Individuals, teams or organisations looking for a high-level introduction to waste, energy and water management, either alone or as part of a wider behaviour-change initiative
  • New staff as part of an induction programme
  • Sustainability champions
  • Senior managers and stakeholders
  • Students and new graduates
  • Members of professional institutions looking for CPD or SLD

Why use ResourceAware?

Using ResourceAware will help you and the organisation you work for achieve significant improvements in your approach to sustainable resource management.

ResourceAware will provide your staff with an insight into resource consumption and the impact this has on cost in the workplace. It will help them create a customised, actionable checklist of behaviour changes and smart technology decisions that they can take away and implement. 

ResourceAware helps your organisation develop a company-wide commitment to comprehensive resource efficiency, so you can reduce your organisational costs and dramatically reduce your impact on the environment.

Energy Institute, CIWM and Future Water Association accreditation also gives you the stamp of approval needed to tangibly demonstrate your commitment to resource efficiency.


Book now

For more information, a quote, or to purchase ResourceAware, please contact e: or t: +44(0)20 7467 7135.

EnergyAware is also available as an individual tool. Visit our EnergyAware page for more details.