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Risk, Asset and Fiscal Management Training

Project planning and performance management in the upstream oil and gas sector

This 3-day training course will teach delegates key project skills and techniques relevant to the oil and gas industry including: planning, risk assessment, estimating, modelling, organising and controlling resources and schedules, with a view to optimising performance and quality.

Supply & distribution: Organisation, operations and economics

This 3-day training course is designed for those who are or will be operating in the Supply & Distribution functions and will provide the background knowledge to allow them to take the right decisions on how to supply the network at the right cost. 

Portfolio management of oil & gas assets

This 3-day training course addresses portfolio management from theoretical and practical perspectives applicable to assets from along the oil and gas supply chain. The skills and industry insight provided by the course will be of value to corporate, portfolio and asset-based decision-makers.

Oil and gas Mergers & Acquisition: Acquiring and divesting assets and companies

This 3-day training course focuses on integrating an understanding of Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) activity trends, the process involved in conducting M&A activity and and the skills that requires. This includes presentations, case studies, exercises and discussions.

Oil and gas budgeting, economics and finance for non-financial managers

This 3-day training course provides participants with insight and understanding of the budgeting process and the key planning and forecasting techniques that should be used to successfully build and manage reliable budgets. This enables fit-for-purpose budgets and business plans to be developed that robustly model complex, but realistic, situations in a flexible and auditable manner. 

Natural gas and LNG technologies and supply chains

This 4-day training course will provide delegates with an insight to the technologies and supply chains involved in the modern natural gas and LNG industries, through a series of presentations, case studies and exercises.

Negotiations and negotiating techniques for the upstream oil and gas industry

This 3-day training course provides upstream industry insight to negotiations by combining detailed knowledge of the varied negotiating situations that commonly arise in dealing with government and industry stakeholders, suppliers, service companies, joint venture partners and work force. 

Valuation and risk analysis of oil and gas assets

The 3-day training course is pitched to appeal to professionals with a large range of technical and commercial backgrounds and varying levels of experience seeking insight to the broad range of asset valuation techniques required across the industry.

Introduction to trading and oil price risk management

This intensive 5-day training course will teach delegates how to negotiate and cost deals, calculate profitability, charter a ship and examine the contractual aspects of trading. They will make decisions as part of a crude oil and refined product trading team, maximizing profits through an understanding of the economics of trading and the management of inherent price risks. 

Trading oil on international markets

This 5-day training course provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the economics of trading and the management of inherent price risks. Delegates will learn how to negotiate and cost deals, calculate profitability, charter a ship through a broker, and examine the legal and operational aspects of trading. They will also gain the skills to identify and manage risk by using futures, forwards, and over-the-counter markets.

Economics of the oil supply chain

This 5-day training course will explore the various activities of an oil company and the economic forces driving the oil supply chain. Delegates will learn the main areas of risk and opportunity from the crude oil supply terminal, through transportation, refining, and international trading to the refined product distribution terminal.