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Online Training

The EI's suite of online and distance learning courses in oil and gas is perfect for busy professionals who prefer to learn part-time and at their own pace.

Online training courses

The EI's online training provision in oil and gas covers topics in drilling technology, well intervention, petroleum production and subsea operation. Courses can be completed individually, while completion of our full online course provision can be considered equivalent to two years' higher education.  

Level 1: Introduction to Oil and Gas

This course is designed for professionals with limited previous working experience in the industry (20 separate units – 2 to 3 hours of distance learning time, at participants own pace to complete each unit).

Level 2: Intermediate - Oil and Gas Industry Insight

This course is designed for professionals with existing knowledge of the industry who are looking to broaden their knowledge, and those seeking career development opportunities (4 separate modules – one week of distance learning time at participant's own pace to complete each module).

Provided in partnership with DWA Energy Limited

Hydrocarbon Management

The EI Hydrocarbon Management Committee, in conjunction with IDESS Interactive Technologies Inc, is developing a suite of online training modules to help organisations and individuals gain an understanding of various aspects of hydrocarbon management (quantity and quality measurement and loss control).

















For more details on any of the training courses please contact Marjan Azodi in the EI training team on:

T: +44 (0)20 7467 7155