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Hydrocarbon Management

The EI Hydrocarbon Management Committee, in conjunction with IDESS Interactive Technologies Inc, is developing a suite of online training modules to help organisations and individuals gain an understanding of various aspects of hydrocarbon management (quantity and quality measurement and loss control).

Each module has an associated self-assessment tool. When the user has completed the module and gained confidence from self-assessment, an online test can be taken. Successful candidates will receive a completion certificate.

1. Petroleum measurement (for marine cargo inspection)

These modules provide training which covers marine cargo measurements and matches the requirements of the IFIA Inspector Certification Programme.

Who is this training for?

These modules compliment the practical training which is a requirement of the IFIA programme and provide a detailed overview of inspection procedures. This petroleum measurement course will be particularly useful for petroleum inspection personnel and it will also benefit all those involved with marine cargo measurement at terminals or on board ship.

Course topics

  • Safety procedures
  • Sampling procedures
  • Static tank gauging procedures
  • Temperature determination procedures
  • Verification of pipeline fullness
  • Wall wash testing
  • Calculation procedures
  • The content for these modules was developed by SGS and approved by the EI Hydrocarbon Management Committee. 

2. LNG operations (sea transport)

Who is this training for?

These modules provide a solid background to all those involved in handling marine LNG cargoes, covering not only the product properties and measurements but also vessel operations and load and discharge procedures. The content also provides information valuable to those involved with LNG outside the shipping arena.   

Course topics

  • Introduction
  • Gas tankers
  • Basic LNG safety
  • Safety – actions in the event of a fire or breach
  • Cargo handling systems and operations
  • Custody transfer measurement
  • The voyage
  • The content for these modules was developed by SGS and approved by the EI Hydrocarbon Committee. 


Fees are $100 for each individual module which provides a license for 12 months access. A discount of 10% is available to EI members. Click here and log in with your membership number and password to gain access at the reduced rate. 

Organisations wishing to purchase a large number of licenses can obtain discounts as follows:

Number of Licences          Annual Fee USD        Equivalent Annual Fee per Licence
25 2000 80
50 3750 75
100 6000 60
500 20,000 40

To register with IDESS for access to the training modules, please click here.