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Filling Station Design and Engineering Training

Cost per course

This course is offered on a bespoke basis for a group of up to 15 delegates. 

EI member

  • 5000 + VAT 

Non EI member

  • £6000 + VAT


For more details on any of the training courses please contact Marjan Azodi in the EI training team on:  

T: +44 (0)20 7467 7155


Based on ‘Design, Construction, Modification, Maintenance and Decommissioning of Filling Stations’, third edition 2011 (the ‘Blue Book’)

Course Objective:

A one day workshop to introduce the fundamentals of filling station design and engineering considerations using established industry guidance the Blue Book. This training course will cover the technical aspects of handling petroleum products at filling stations and provide an understanding of how these relate to established good practice and UK legal requirements. Delegates will benefit from expert advice from the trainers, be able to share good practice and discuss real life case studies.

The course will provide an introduction to key content covered in the Blue Book for those who have not used the publication before and update those familiar with the previous editions of the Blue Book to changes made in the third edition.

Who should attend ?

Anyone involved in the design, construction, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of facilities for the storage and dispensing of vehicle fuels (Petrol, diesel, autogas) at either retail or commercial premises, as well as those involved in the enforcement of regulations applicable to such sites.

Engineer professionals working in tankage, pipework, electrical, environmental and civil engineering, building and canopy construction etc.

Employees at clubs and commercial organisations responsible for vehicle fuel dispensing including golf courses, marinas, water ski clubs, ATV tracks etc.

Developers seeking to purchase existing filling stations, and those overseeing major refurbishments of existing filling stations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course attendees will:

• Have an up to date list of standards and regulations affecting all aspects of filling station equipment, planning, design and construction
• Have information regarding the issues surrounding storage and handling of vehicle fuels at filling stations (including biofuels).
• Feel confident in utilising information in the Blue Book in the future.
• Understand the changes included in the Third Edition.

About the Blue Book

The Blue Book is the definitive source of information for all those who have a technical involvement in filling stations. Originally published in 1999 the first edition replaced UK Health & Safety Executive HSG 41 Petrol Filling Stations: Construction and Operation.

Since publication of the first edition it has become the established technical guidance providing information and good practice on the storage and dispensing of petroleum products used as fuels for motor vehicles (including petrol, diesel and autogas (LPG)). It provides information on civil, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical installation issues for the planning, design, construction, commissioning, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations, together with information aimed to minimise the risks from fire and explosion, to health and to the environment.

For more information about the Blue Book and the work of the EI Service Station Panel click here.

Hosted by:

The Energy Institute is the leading membership body for the energy sector, developing and disseminating knowledge, skills and good practice through a structure of specialist sector committees.

Included in the cost of the workshop:

• A copy of the Blue Book (worth £140 to non-members of the Energy Institute)
• A copy of all presentation material
• Lunch