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Oil and Gas Industry Fundmentals
"This course covers a lot of information and, having worked in oil and gas events for over 15 years, I felt it cemented a lot of information I have gained over the years as well as going into more detail on all aspects of the business. My role covers working closely with industry experts and developing content for our events and publications, so achieving a better and more in-depth understanding of all the facets of the oil and gas sector through this training was a real benefit. For anyone new joining the sector, or for professionals needing a refresher, this course is the ideal educational tool.' - Sarah Ashmore, Senior Project Manager, World Petroleum Council

All participants including myself, were very satisfied with this course and the way Dr. Wood delivered it to us! Although the topics covered were relatively new for us, Dr. Wood was able to present them in such a way that we could follow and comprehend them with no difficulty at all. Thus all of us were very amazed by Dr. Wood’s knowledge and expertise on these issues and how he managed to convey to us important and complicate subjects, easy enough to understand!

Closing I would like to thank EI for this amazing course and you personally for the assistance on organizing it. -

Michalis Zantis, CYS | Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation

International Gas and LNG Markets
"I came to this course with a specific goal of understanding better the interaction of international LNG markets and possible industry outcomes. While I have considerable experience in analyzing basic materials markets, I needed to understand the global structural drivers of future LNG markets to advise equity clients. This two-day course helped me considerably to develop a stronger understanding of this industry. The course notes have been valuable in post-course analysis of the key issues." - Peter Hickson, Advisor Director, TrafalgarCopley

Certificates in Oil and Gas (via distance learning)

Level 2: Intermediate level – Oil and Gas Industry Insight for Career Development  

“Interestingly the questions (for Modules 3 and 4) seemed clear and concise but the choices were slightly tricky. I believe I can now enthusiastically identify roles and responsibilities related with the career opportunities that exist in this sector of the industry.  I am confident I can recognize the skill sets needed to successfully compete for and undertake specific positions typically offered within the industry.

My triple bottom-line- 1) I really enjoyed the flow of the learning modules 2) With the complexity of the oil and gas sector, It was imperative that each module contained details of external reference materials and suggested reference (i.e. videos) to illustrate and enhance my understanding of the topic. I really like the way Dr Wood designed the course materials. It certainly helped build both my understanding of the topics and practice in applying that knowledge to the pertinent role at not just a coarse but a fine grain level. 3) Considering the modern version of the Bloom’s taxonomy, my initial ambition was to attain a level 3-4 (apply and analyze) with knowledge, skills, techniques and this was achieved more than I ever anticipated.”  Dilibe A.





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