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Online courses

Our online E&P oil and gas industry courses are provided in partnership with Vett & Viten Group, a leading publishing house, via the el-petroleum programme in offshore petroleum technology. el-petroleum is a unique e-learning experience that optimises learning and makes long-distance learning possible. A rich selection of dynamic graphics illustrates theory and increases understanding of central tasks.

Continual revisions ensure that the learning material is up to date. Following and completing all the available programmes is equivalent to two years of higher education, but the flexible nature of el-petroleum allows you to study one or any selection of subjects of your choice to complement your own background and providing a useful addition to the professional development programme of EI's professional members working in this sector.  

Available courses, covering Drilling technology, Well intervention, Petroleum production and Subsea operation are listed below. Click on each title to review full details, including fees payable.                                              

0301 E1 Production 1: Reservoir and production wells                 Book online   
0301 E2 Production 2: Well completion and subsea                 Book online
0302 E Reservoir geology                 Book online
0303 E Well planning                 Book online
0304 E HSE – QA                 Book online
0307 E Well fluids                 Book online
0308 E Regulation systems                 Book online
0309 E Maintenance strategy                 Book online
0310 E Well control 1                  Book online

Specialised course subjects:

Drilling Technology
0401 E Introduction to drilling                 Book online
0402 E Drilling technology                 Book online
0403 E Well control 2                 Book online
0404 E Drilling and completion fluids                 Book online
0405 E Casing                 Book online
0406 E Pneumatics and hydraulics                 Book online
0407 E Hydraulic equipment                 Book online

Processing of oil and gas

5110 E Process sytems 1
                Book online
5120 E Process sytems 2                 Book online
5410 E Chemicals                 Book online

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