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Human Factors Training

The EI aims to develop knowledge and skills the understanding and control of human performance in major hazard industries.  Many of the key human factors issues are of particular relevance in the oil and gas industry, and this training portfolio is designed to support organisations in delivering human factors best practice as a core component of their risk management strategy. 


Delivering Safety Culture Change Using the Hearts and Minds Toolkit

This3-day interactive training course and certificate will teach delegates the fundamentals of improving safety culture using the award-winning Hearts and Minds toolkit.  It will teach the fundamentals of safety culture change, focusing on the various stages of a culture change programme, from design to implementation and review.

Conducting Incident Investigations and Analyses Using the Tripod Beta Methodology

This 3-day training course will provide both a theoretical and practical overview of the Tripod Beta methodology, teaching delegates to conduct robust incident investigations and analyses. 

Human Factors Foundation

This 5-day course delivers a comprehensive introduction into human factors for non-specialists. Learn the importance of Human and Organisational factors (HOF) in high-hazard industries and how these influence behaviour at work to improve your health and safety performance.

Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis

This 2-day training course will be addressing Human Factors issues in COMAH Safety Reports, teaching delegates how to carry out Human Factors Safety Critical Task Reviews.

Human Factors Incident and Accident Investigation and Analysis

This 2-day training workshop will focus on the analysis of incidents and accidents and will clarify the process of identifying root causes using practical examples. The workshop will provide an overview of available analysis methods and the application of these to identify the underlying management and organisational deficiencies responsible.



Human Factors Awareness:  Web-based training course

Human factors awareness is a free web-based course. It provides 11 modules including an introduction to human factors, and 10 modules based on the HSE key topics and EI ‘Top Ten’ human factors issues.  Users should take this course before embarking on more in-depth learning, such as from the EI's face-to-face training courses.

Bespoke In-House Training 

The EI can deliver tailored in-house training to your specific business needs.

For any questions regarding human factors training or to discuss a bespoke training package, please contact Marjan Azodi at:


T: +44(0)20 7467 7155