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Generation Safe Leader Workshop

The Generation Safe Leader Workshop is a unique new addition to the EI’’s training programme, designed to bring its Hearts & Minds safety culture model into life. 

The workshop provides a real insight into the impact of different organisational safety cultures through a blend of interactive experiences, scenarios and tools. In the Leader workshop we will look at where you are now, from a personal and organisational perspective, and, consider what steps to take in order to move towards a Generative culture.

This is your opportunity to make a difference.

The workshop consists of various interactive spaces where Leaders get to experience real-life scenarios on the impact of different safety cultures, offering the opportunity to undertake a personal evaluation of the environment and reflect on how you can improve within your own organisation.



Course Outline

Prior to the workshop Leaders will complete a 360 Leadership questionnaire, which will provide the foundation for safety culture discussions throughout the workshop.


Learning Outcomes

  • ‘Bring to life’ the Hearts and Minds Cultural Model and business’ generative aspirations
  • Create a personal and emotional connection with HSE
  • Encourage leaders to see themselves as HSE role models, examining the influence they have on shaping culture
  • Create an opportunity to reflect on where leaders position themselves on the model based on individual behaviour
  • Explore ‘what good looks like’– from a personal and business perspective and understand what steps to take in order to move towards a Generative culture.


Who should attend?

Anyone with responsibility for leading or facilitating safety culture development and change. This may include health and safety managers, senior operational leaders, senior management, as well as those interested in learning more about designing a cultural change programme.



The Generation Safe workshops take place in the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service facilities in Hull, United Kingdom, managed by HFR Solutions, a trusted partner of the EI.

The set will take participants through several multi-sensory environments such as an office, a control room, a site, a home and a court room. Each space that they enter tells its own story and offers a new and personal chal­lenge to change.


The trainers

Just Drama Based Training (JDBT), a trusted partner of the EI, is a global provider of high impact, experiential, drama based training and culture changing events. They consist of a team of experienced professionals working in partnership with clients to create tailor-made training solutions; keeping learners engaged and effectively delivering positive change.

Drama based training is a widely used, scientifically proven and powerful methodology for exploring difficult subjects in the workplace, without embarrassment, blame or fear.

With over 20 years’ experience in various industries, training over 4000 people a year, working with market leading organisations including Centrica Energy, the NHS and Connexions, JDBT have a track-record of delivering a cutting edge learning experience.



The Generation Safe Leader Workshop can be tailored to the needs of your organisation – available on set and in-house (up to 20 delegates).



For more details on any of the training courses or to book please contact the training department on t: +44 (0)20 7467 7155 or at e: