YPN Women4Women Connect

Branch event
  • Nigeria
  • <p>Lagos Oriental Hotel,<br />11th&nbsp; Floor (New Wing), <br />Victoria Island,&nbsp;Lagos. <br />Nigeria.</p>
  • 19-06-2021
  • 11:00 - 15:00
Registration for this event has now closed, if you would still like to attend please email ypnnigeria@energyinst.org or einigeria@energyinst.org.

YPN Women4Women Connect

This event was created by the women of the Energy Institute, Young Professionals Network, Nigeria for women, and its mission is to connect young women of different stages, fields, and expertise in the energy sector. It will adopt a casual setting, to encourage networking and career growth. It will include a semi-formal session where the speakers will discuss various topics, and an informal session that will be open for questions and networking.

The predominant objective of this event is to connect and promote camaraderie between women in the energy sector.

Other objectives include:

  1.     The discussion of important topics and issues that pertain to women in the energy sector.
  2.     The creation of networking opportunities.
  3.     Learning opportunities in areas such as influence, investment, and entrepreneurship.
  4.     Promotion of interest in the energy sector for women



1) Mrs. Maryam Shehu FEI -  (Head of Gas Commercial Division, Total Upstream, Nigeria)

2) Mrs. Tifase Onyeche FEI -  (Head of Strategy, Technology & Innovation for the Siemens Energy Industrial Application Division)

3) Mrs. Ujunwa Ojemini -  (Energy & Development Finance Executive and Founder, AWEDI Network)

4) Mrs. Moroti Adedoyin-Adeyinka -  (Executive Director, Sahara Group Energy)

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