APS applications on urbanization: solving parking in crowded cities

Branch event


18:15 Hong Kong Time


Car parking is one of the key issues in most major cities like Hong Kong. With the aim to optimize spatial efficiency and innovative solution, Automated Parking System (APS) is one of the better solutions to provide more parking lots in limited spaces. More parking spaces means less drivers time looking for vacant spaces, less traffic on the road due to circulating and less emissions. Benefits are better driving experience, better road users’ safety and health, and cleaner environment.

There are different types of Automated Parking System (APS) and they are selected based on customer requirements. The range of applications in terms of price, performance, construction lead time are significant. Careful selection, customization, integration and operation design are all critical to the success of the APS carpark. The speaker will demonstrate how to solve the parking lot shortage with cases sharing.


Peter Fung has thoughtful experience in manufacturing, research and consultancy industries. He is present the project manager of Yeefung Technology Ltd., supplying over 1,000 Fully Automated Parking Systems in different countries.

Peter Fung is the Fellow of Hong Kong Society for Quality to promote TQM and Service Excellence in Hong Kong. He is also the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) of American Society for Quality.