Show your organisation’s commitment to bringing energy together to tackle urgent global challenges

Passionate about a positive energy future for all? Keen to connect with others and show your company’s commitment to developing knowledge, skills and good practice? Come and join us!

Company membership is a partnership between the EI and businesses like yours that make a difference in energy. It is open to any business, large or small, which participates actively in the energy sector, from start-ups to multinational corporations, and small employers to household names.

Company membership offers you a platform to showcase your work and demonstrate your commitment to the development of the sector for the good of society, while offering you solid business benefit, as well as giving your staff free and discounted opportunities to connect, develop and learn.

Whichever membership type you choose, you’ll be in good company – over 200 organisations from across the energy sector have already become members, spanning upstream and downstream oil and gas, power generation, nuclear and renewables through to energy management, professional services and government.

Types of Company membership:

Company Member - our standard package of benefits and services, opportunities to raise your profile and support for your staff.

Knowledge Partner - for organisations interested in collaborating with the EI to share energy knowledge so that energy can be better understood, managed and valued.

Technical Company Member or Technical Partner - for those who want to become more involved as partners and collaborators in our pioneering good practice work.

Why join us as a Company Member?

The Energy Institute is the only professional body specifically for those who work in and contribute to the energy sector. Through our technical programmes, information and knowledge services and our professional development programmes and tools, we work with companies and individuals to bring people together, move forward and step up to meet today’s urgent challenges. Company membership brings your organisation into the heart of what we do and gives you the opportunity to get involved at the level that suits your business.

Show your commitment

Show your commitment

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Raise Your Profile

Raise your profile

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Get Connected

Get connected

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Develop and Support Your Staff

Develop and support your staff

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Upskill Your Team

Upskill your team

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Industry Good Practice

Access industry good practice

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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Keep your company’s finger on the pulse

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What are the benefits?

Company Member Technical Company Member Technical Partner Knowledge Partner
Benefits for your organisation
Use of the EI Company Member logo on your website and promotional material
Entry in our company member directory - our who's who in energy
Company membership certificate
Discounts on advertising in our magazines, newsletters and on the website
Opportunities to sponsor events and initiatives
Benefits for you and your staff team
Online access to our monthly magazines
Regular e-newsletters
Half price sign up to the introductory grades of EI membership for your staff team, giving them access to professional qualifications support and professional development tools, EI Enable (our 24 hour helpline), and the EI’s mentoring service, access to our branches and networks, and a range of other benefits
Membership workshops, lunch and learns and webinars to help your staff team on their way to professional qualifications in energy
Opportunities to apply for accreditation of your in-house training schemes
Knowledge and good practice
Access to the EI Knowledge service
Opportunities to get involved in the technical work programme Specific areas All
Access to technical committees and informal networking for your company Specific areas All
Access to technical publications and good practice guidance Discounted rates Free access in specific areas Free access to all Discounted Rates

How much does it cost?

Company Member

Membership runs from 01 January to 31 December, and the subscription fees are pro-rated each quarter. The fees are based on the number of employees working in an energy role within your organisation.

The current, pro-rated fees are shown below (for membership until the end of 2022):

Band 1 (1-15 employees)£470 +VAT
Band 2 (16-25 employees)£875 +VAT
Band 3 (26-49 employees)£1,525 +VAT
Band 4 (50+ employees)£2,488 +VAT

Technical Company Member or Technical Partner

Fees vary depending on your needs. Please contact our Technical team to discuss further

Need some help?

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about how company membership can benefit your business, please email or call us on +44 (0) 20 7467 7100.

Benefits for all grades of company membership

- Use of the EI Company member logo on your website, promotional materials and marketing channels

- Entry in our online Company Member directory

- Receive a Company member certificate

- Advertising opportunities in EI magazines and newsletters, plus event sponsorship at a discounted rate

- Membership workshops at your offices, or virtual webinars, to advise staff about opportunities for professional recognition and how to get chartered

- Support with Continuing professional development (CPD)

- Use of the online CPD tool, MyCareerPath

- Obtain accreditation for your company training and work-based learning schemes

- 50% discount for your staff on the individual member joining fee

- Attend EI training courses in energy management, oil and gas, and risk management at a discounted rate

- Use of the EI’s Knowledge Service – one of the leading sources of energy information and reference material. Your staff can access resources such as journals, e-books, newspaper articles, statistics, collections and datasheets

- Online access to our monthly magazines, Energy World and Petroleum Review

- Regular e-newsletters on relevant EI activities

- 25% discount on technical publications: Our technical team work with experts across the profession to support and advance knowledge, skill and good practice in accordance with the energy sector's changing needs.

- Connect with your local EI branch or Young Professionals Network (YPN) in order to collaborate on events and engage with students and energy professionals in your area.

- Attend EI events at a discounted rate

- Work with Learning Affiliate universities

- Use of EI facilities in central London at a discounted rate

- Propose speakers for EI events

- Participate in industry consultations providing technical advice to policy-making bodies

- Become part of the industry-wide advisory panels that determine the focus and content of EI events.

- Opportunity to join the EI College and take part in the Energy Barometer, enabling you to inform the energy debate

More information about

Knowledge Partner Membership

Contribute to EI’s knowledge sharing programme via bespoke opportunities aimed at making energy better understood, managed and valued. Collaboration with Knowledge Partners includes for example such activities as engagement in events, editorial, podcasts, industry surveys and other initiatives designed to bring together expertise for urgent global challenges.

Additional benefits

All of the benefits of regular company membership, PLUS:

Expert support

  • Receive expert support from the EI, who will work closely with an appointed member of your team to structure and carry out tailor-made activities to benefit and complement your organisation's work.

Raise your profile

  • Receive personal invitations for senior representatives of your organisation to join the EI as our guests at the industry's most prestigious events e.g. IP Week Annual dinner, EI Awards. and annual lectures.
  • Enjoy priority booking of table spaces an EI events.
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Technical company member

Organisations interested in interacting closely with the EI’s technical work programme who have a narrower scope of work or field of interest may become EI Technical Company Members. Our Technical Company Members specify their areas of interest and interact with our technical work programme in those areas.

Staff sit on appropriate technical committees, but do not vote on/set the programme. As a Technical Company Member your organisation may also support the work of the EI’s main committees by responding to their requests for specialist experience and expertise.

Additional benefits

All of the benefits of regular company membership, PLUS:

- Access to the relevant EI technical committees in your specified area(s) of interest for leading experts from your organisation

- Valuable means of networking and sharing knowledge informally with peers

- Uncapped, company-wide access to a bespoke section of the EI’s publications website – granting staff PDF downloads of our technical guidance in your chosen areas of interest

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Technical Partner Membership

EI Partnership is the highest grade of EI Company Membership. We work closely with around 40 Technical Partners; the world's larger energy companies who demonstrate industry leadership through their contribution to our technical work.

Our Technical Partners set and fund the EI’s scientific and technical programme. Independent auditing has demonstrated a return on investment of 50/1 through safety and efficiency improvements to our partners’ operations. The cost to any one company of undertaking specific research/development activities is therefore significantly reduced.

Additional benefits

All of the benefits of regular company membership, PLUS:

-Access to all EI technical committees for leading experts from your organisation

-Membership of STAC, determining strategic business needs and the technical work priorities of the EI

-Engage with national, regional and global regulators, and other international industry bodies in a transparent and honest technical environment through the EI

-Opportunity to influence strategic priorities and ensure industry working practices are optimum and effective

-Ensure that the interests and requirements of your organisation are fully represented

-Valuable means of networking and sharing knowledge informally with peers

- Uncapped, company-wide access to the EI’s publications website – granting staff PDF downloads of c.400 publications) and analytical test methods for petroleum and petroleum products (c.350 standard IP test methods, including c.100 jointed with ASTM).

- Receive expert support from the EI, who will work closely with an appointed member of your team to structure and carry out tailor-made activities to benefit and complement your organisation’s work.

- Receive personal invitations for senior representatives of your organisation to join the EI as our guests at the industry’s most prestigious events e.g. IP Week Annual Dinner, EI Awards and annual lectures.

- Enjoy priority booking of table space at EI events.

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Making the most of your company membership

Membership workshops for staff

As a Company member or Partner, we can visit your office to hold a membership workshop or lunch & learn. The aim is to advise staff about achieving professional qualifications in energy. The EI offers various grades of membership and professional registration to suit your skills and expertise.

How is it structured?

The session will normally cover:

  • The different grades of membership
  • The specific requirements for our different grades and registrations
  • The application process
  • Useful tips and tactics
  • The benefits of professional registration

This can be followed by general Q&A, one to one membership surgeries, or an exercise focusing on the required competences.

However, the session can also be tailored to meet the needs of your team, for example to focus on a particular title such as Chartered Engineer or Chartered Energy Manager.

To view the different grades available, please see the Membership page of our website.

Let’s get started!

To arrange a workshop or lunch & learn, simply email Terry Winter, Membership Manager at or call +44 (0) 20 7467 7100.

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