Energy Management Training

Effective energy management is now an essential aspect of all successful businesses. The Energy Institute offers a range of online and classroom-based training courses and qualifications packages to suit those involved in any form of energy management, and you can also set the seal on your learning and experience by going on to become a Chartered Energy Manager or an ESOS Lead Assessor with us.

Why EI Energy Management Training?

Effective energy management is an essential tool in helping to reduce carbon emissions, improve efficiency and save money.

The Energy Institute's energy management training programmes are designed to support energy management professionals throughout their career by providing progression through three distinct levels of training.

Quality training from industry experts

Our expert trainers are chartered and have a wealth of industry experience and expertise. Our online and distance-learning programmes also come with the same expert-level tutor support.

Network with other professionals

The EI often organises social events for course delegates throughout the year - course attendees will have the opportunity to network with other professionals from their own course and those completing other course levels, both during and following their course.

Make a difference in your organisation

Each of our three levels of energy management training incorporate a practical project based on tackling a real issue in your organisation that is completed during and/or following the course.

Access free CPD resources

The EI offers a number of free resources to support your ongoing professional development between training courses. These include free CPD articles that can be completed and returned for CPD credit, as well as webinars and briefings on new legislation such as ESOS.

Training and chartership

The skills taught as part of the EI's energy management training programmes contribute towards meeting the criteria required for achieving Chartered Energy Manager status - a title exclusively offered by the EI, which recognises the expertise and experience of energy managers.

Virtual Classroom and Fully Online Courses – Full Core Qualifications

Our energy management courses are available either fully online or as virtual blended classroom courses.

The virtual blended delivery format provides all the benefits of a classroom course without having to use your budget and time to travel to a venue. You can learn together with other delegates from all over the world, interact with our expert trainers, and learn through a mixture of live lectures, online recordings, written materials, and question and answer sessions. Training will be provided over a fixed period of days. Each daily session will include 2.5 – 3 hours of live sessions conducted by one of our expert tutors, allowing delegates to engage with the tutor in real time and ask questions, exactly as in classroom-based training.

The fully online version is self-paced. Delegates are normally required to complete their studies within 18 months. Upon registration, one of our lead energy management trainers will be allocated to every delegate and will be able to provide guidance and support throughout the learning journey.

Energy Management Online Courses

Developed by industry experts, the EI's short online courses provide the opportunity to develop your knowledge in particular topic areas. Each course is EI certified and can be completed from anywhere in the world, starting at any time.

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Staff Awareness

Energy Aware

EnergyAware is an innovative 30-minute online tool focused on raising energy awareness in the workplace. This EI certified tool is designed to provide your staff with an insight into energy consumption and the impact this has on cost in the workplace and will help them create a customised, actionable checklist of behaviour changes and smart technology decisions that they can take away and implement.


SECR CPD Training Package

This 5-hour online CPD training package introduces the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation and provides detailed information on the steps required to comply with SECR in practice.

Energy Storage Fundamentals for Energy Security

Energy Storage Fundamentals for Energy Security– Online

This training course provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of energy storage systems as we transition from fossil fuel based energy to renewable energy sources looking into the power and oil & gas sectors.

Energy Storage Fundamentals for Energy Security – 2 days

This training course provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of energy storage systems as we transition from fossil fuel based energy to renewable energy sources looking into the power and oil & gas sectors.

ESOS certification and tools

ESOS Toolkit

The EI’s ESOS toolkit is designed for those undertaking audits to comply with ESOS legislation. This toolkit can be used by Lead Assessors working on an in-house or consultancy basis or by others undertaking ESOS work.

ESOS CPD Training Package

This 5-hour CPD training package is aimed at ESOS Lead Assessors and also, both internal and external auditors undertaking energy ESOS audits and looking to gain CPD hours.

ESOS Certification

The EI offers two routes to certification as an ESOS Lead Assessor – through successfully applying to join the EI’s Register of Professional Energy Consultants, or by becoming a Chartered Energy Manager, and completing the additional ESOS requirements. Our ESOS online training course must be completed within one month of your acceptance as an ESOS Lead Assessor, as a condition of approval and confirmation of your status.


ISO 50001:2018 Introduction and Awareness - 1 day

This energy management systems (EnMS) foundation course will provide you with the understanding of what EnMS is, the main requirements of ISO 50001 and how to improve the system where it is established. Once completed, you will be able to register for an EnMS internal or lead auditor course.

ISO 50001:2018 Internal Energy Management Systems Auditor - 2 days

This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to assess and report on the conformance and effective implementation of an energy management system against ISO 50001.

ISO 50001:2018 Lead Auditor - 5 days

Designed for anyone who wants to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to audit energy management systems against ISO 50001 using the auditing techniques described in ISO 19011. Once successfully completed, you will have met the training requirements to apply for registration as an IRCA EnMS auditor or lead auditor, and be able to join a conversion course to transfer your skills to another management programme. IRCA certified course: A17574.


CPD short online courses

Developed by industry experts, the EI's short online courses provide the opportunity to develop your knowledge in particular topic areas. Each course is EI certified and can be completed from anywhere in the world, starting at any time.

CPD articles

It is important to keep up your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in between training courses in order to ensure you continue to meet professional standards throughout your working life. In order to support this process, the Energy Institute and Energy in Buildings and Industry (EIBI) have teamed up to offer a CPD article once a month providing information on various energy management topics.

CPD video series

The EI has developed a series of short videos reviewing basic energy management tasks. Designed for those who are not energy management professionals, but who have been asked to take on energy management responsibilities as part of their role, the series provides quick and easy-to-follow advice to support smaller organisations in understanding and reducing their energy consumption.

In-house training

If none of the standard training options presented here meet your needs or if you are looking to train a group of staff, perhaps on your own premises, then you may want to consider having a course tailored to your specific requirements.

The EI can create bespoke programmes from a combination of our existing course content or develop a unique programme from scratch using our specialised qualified trainers.

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Sarah Jolliffe

Sarah Jolliffe AMEI, Company Energy Manager, BAM Nuttall and 2019 Highly Commended Energy Champion

"I've been a member of the Energy Institute for 4 years now and in that time I've completed the L1 and L2 courses. These training programmes have greatly benefited both me personally and the organisation I work for by lifting my knowledge of energy/sustainability practices and improving our businesses offering to our clients and stakeholders. It has also given me a great many reliable resources from which to call upon when I get stuck on a particular challenge and the institute has enormous reach globally in this sector."

Lewis Payne

Lewis Payne, Engineering Support Manager, Energy Management

"I thoroughly enjoyed completing my Level 1 Certificate in Energy Management Essentials. In order to complete the course, I had to take an exam and complete an energy audit portfolio which I took great joy in putting together. After this I am hoping to complete the second stage of my training with the Energy Institute (Level 2 Energy Management Professional). I then plan to progress to Level 3 ‘Advanced Energy Manager’ training qualification, and to apply to become a Chartered Energy Manager."

Edita Adamcikova

Edita Adamcikova, Senior Energy Manager, Viridor

"The Level 3 Advanced Energy Manager course has exceeded my expectations. The course was delivered by a number of energy industry professionals with years of experience, who all ensured that each topic was explained and talked through until everyone in the room was comfortable with it. Discussions and knowledge sharing were encouraged during every lesson, creating a great networking atmosphere. We started the course as a group of strangers, but even though the course finished almost a year ago, we still carry on meeting over good food or a drink to discuss the energy industry and our next career steps."

Natalie Maggs

Natalie Maggs, Section Head - Bureau, Octego

"The course has given me knowledge of the different types of equipment available to our clients and how each one could reduce / manage energy consumption and cost. It has also allowed me to see what is involved in an energy audit and what calculations are required to show the potential savings."

Chris McHale

Chris McHale, Operations & Utilities Team Leader, Johnson Matthey

"The training on Level 1 Certificate in Energy Management Essentials has certainly helped me to:

  • Become confident in the way we manage and monitor energy
  • Make instant energy savings - it gets you thinking of who your biggest energy consumers are
  • Effectively communicate energy ideas and promotions to the workforce
  • Review and update our site energy policy annually
  • Produce a business case and energy report to justify changes to senior management"
Amine Sennani, Associate Director chez Cabinet FSE

Amine Sennani, Associate Director, Cabinet FSE

"The difficult economic situation that we are going through must push loss adjusting firms, based in Morocco, to open up more internationally. However, gaining the trust of the major players in the insurance industry, particularly in London, Paris or Munich, is not an easy task. Admittedly, the requirements are not the same, given the size of the Moroccan market, but we can try to get as close as possible to them by obtaining certificates recognised abroad. Therefore, I would like to thank the Energy Institute for the online training courses offered, rich in information on issues we often encounter in our business. However, I'm not going to miss the stress of some of the exam questions!"

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