EI LIVE | Ageing Offshore Structures and Life Extension

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21/11/2023 - 22/11/2023


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This two half-day online course will give you an understanding of managing ageing and life extension of structures for offshore oil and gas installations and wind turbines.

Gerhard Ersdal
28 years’ experience primarily in the offshore industry. Presently adjunct professor at University of Stavanger and Principal Engineer at the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA). Previously Principal Engineer at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the engineering company Multiconsult. Author and co-author of several papers on life extension of ageing offshore structures and author of a book on Ageing and Life Extension of Offshore Structures published by Wiley. Member of the Norwegian expert committee for offshore structures. Co-author of several national and international standards on offshore structures and structural integrity management.

John Sharp 
Over 40 years’ experience in the offshore industry. Presently Visiting Professor in Offshore Technology at Cranfield University. Previously held a senior position in the Offshore Safety Division of UK Health & Safety Executive, with special interests in inspection and structural integrity. Author and co-author of many conference papers on life extension of ageing offshore installations and a co-author of the book on Ageing and Life Extension of Offshore Structures published by Wiley (2019). Has carried out relevant studies for both PSA Norway and the industry on life extension.

John Wintle 
Over 35 years’ experience working on ageing and life extension in the offshore and nuclear sectors. Presently Visiting Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, Consultant Engineer and Fellow of the Welding Institute (TWI). Author of the Energy Institute Guidance on Life Extension of Offshore Installations and UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Research Report 509 on the Management of Plant Ageing together with many papers and presentations at conferences and seminars including the launch of HSE’s Key Programme 4 on Ageing and Life Extension. Was a reviewer of the book on Ageing and Life Extension of Offshore Structures published by Wiley (2019).

This course is aimed at structural engineers and those in related disciplines who wish to increase their knowledge to manage ageing offshore structures and justify their life extension. Personnel from the offshore oil and gas and wind energy sectors, such as operating companies, regulators, consultancies, inspection and verification organisations will benefit from the course for their continued professional development.

Through live presentations and pre-recorded videos, the course provides training on three important areas relevant for ageing structures, namely managing structural integrity, assessment for life extension and demonstration of safety, all within the relevant regulatory frameworks. The topics will include causes and failure rates of ageing structures, competent and efficient inspection, defect and anomaly evaluation, prediction of future ageing and structural states, additional analyses and assessments needed for life extension, repair and mitigation techniques and life extension decision making under uncertainty.

There will be an opportunity for attendees to discuss and share their case studies and experience across the oil, gas and wind energy sectors, which are all facing similar ageing challenges. The course will be given by three senior engineers with extensive consultancy and regulatory experience of ageing and life extension of offshore structures and will be based on their recent book a copy of which will be provided to all course participants as part of the course fee.

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