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EI Together is the Energy Institute global online community for EI members, energy professionals, and enthusiasts to learn, share knowledge, network, and collaborate with each other towards creating a better and sustainable energy future.

EI Together
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Why be on EI Together?

EI Together gives you the opportunity to elevate your overall personal and professional growth experience through:

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Global networking

Leverage on groups, discussions and direct messaging on EI Together to tap into a global network of peers and industry professionals, enabling collaborative problem-solving and knowledge sharing across geographical boundaries and areas of expertise.

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Dynamic knowledge exchange and collaborative learning

Enhance your understanding of the energy industry through shared expertise and diverse perspectives when you subscribe and participate in Discussions you are interested in learning more about.

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Expanding your knowledge repository

On EI Together, you can access and deliberate on policies, insights and contributions featured in Energy Institute reports and publications such as New Energy World magazine, the Energy Barometer and the Statistical Review of World Energy.

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Staying informed

Explore files, discussions, events, and announcements on EI Together to stay updated on relevant industry progress reports, news, and upcoming events in your community.

The EI Together Community Guidelines

The goal of this community is to foster learning, knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. To ensure that this space remains welcoming, respectful, and aligned with our core values and the purpose of this platform, we have created a community guideline that outlines the dos and don'ts of the platform. Please take a moment to read them.

For questions and inquiries related to EI Together, please send a mail to

Read EI Together Community Guidelines

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With the rapidly evolving and emerging trends in the energy industry, there has never been a more strategic time to become a member of an online energy community.

This collaborative platform is designed for EI members only. By unlocking EI Together, you'll be taken to the EI log-in page, where you can easily log in to continue exploring EI Together.

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