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EnergyAware is an innovative, immersive online tool designed to raise energy awareness at home and in the workplace. It quickly helps educate users about their ability to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions. Fully customisable, practical and suitable for anyone who uses energy, this e-learning behaviour change tool is intended for both individual use and organisational roll-out to your employees.

Making a difference at home

In today’s cost of living crisis, it has never been more important to be knowledgeable about the steps you can take to bring down your energy use, bills, and emissions. It’s surprising how many of us don’t know how much it costs to use an appliance in our home or, for example, how much it costs us to leave our TV on standby.

In conjunction with MoneySavingExpert, we’ve made a free, domestic version of EnergyAware available because we believe that it can make a difference when it comes to the increased energy costs that millions of households are facing.

EnergyAware can help you improve your awareness of energy and bring down your energy use, bills, and emissions. If you pick up just one way to change your behaviour when it comes to reducing your energy use at home, then we will have made the difference we set out to.

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Making a difference in the workplace

EnergyAware is the ideal partner for improving your organisation’s energy efficiency journey.

As a fully customisable awareness programme, it's designed to help your employees understand how to better manage their energy usage, thereby cutting organisational costs and reducing carbon emissions.

As an interactive and practical behaviour change tool, it enables users to identify energy saving opportunities and reduce energy waste. By navigating through a series of virtual environments, employees learn in settings that perfectly fit their own areas of work.

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Key features

  • Immersive: this highly interactive tool helps get your staff thinking about their role in energy use and ways to reduce consumption.
  • Fully customisable: if desired, EI can build bespoke working environments that match your organisation’s requirements and branding completely. The content can be tailored to include specific messages you would like to pass on to your employees, so the tool feels like your own creation.
  • Practical: as they progress, users can put together an action plan that can be proactively implemented in their own workplace.
  • Relevant: users can visit generic workplace environments that are appropriate for them (office, factory or warehouse), or tailored environments that replicate their own workplaces perfectly
  • Focus on personal engagement: the user's journey begins at home before moving on to the workplace, helping develop a personal commitment to energy efficiency.
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Users are not required to have prior knowledge or experience of energy usage or management. On completion of the 30-minute tool, EnergyAware users will:

  • Be able to state ways in which energy bills can be reduced at home.
  • Be able to identify how savings at home can be applied to the workplace.
  • Have the knowledge to help them create a customised, actionable list of behaviour changes and smart technology decisions that they can implement at work.

The EI's EnergyAware certification gives you the stamp of approval needed to tangibly demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to energy efficiency.

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Individual use

If you want to purchase EnergyAware for yourself to improve your personal energy usage in the workplace:

  • Member: £20.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Non-Member: £30.00 (excl. VAT)

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Organisational roll-out

To purchase EnergyAware for roll-out across your organisation to your employees, our training team are happy to help better understand your needs and put together a proposal for consideration.

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