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The Energy Barometer is the EI’s flagship report which captures insights from our members to inform the energy debate. The 2021 report will be launched on 12 July at a webinar hosted by EI President Steve Holliday FREng FEI - sign up for the free launch webinar here.

The following highlights emerged from the 2020 report:



Bold policy changes are needed to boost a green recovery from COVID-19, and transition to a low-carbon, sustainable energy system

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Looking back: Reflections on the past decade

Growth of renewables in the electricity mix stands out as the main success story of the past decade in UK energy; while energy efficiency, despite being seen as low-risk, was the biggest missed opportunity

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Taking stock: Our current position

Energy professionals warn that without more ambitious UK energy policy, emissions reduction targets are unlikely to be met

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First steps to net zero: Government

Government must take action immediately to set the trajectory to net zero; first steps are needed in hard-to-decarbonise sectors, and a ‘green recovery’ from COVID-19 could be the catalyst

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First steps to net zero: Energy industry

Two thirds of EI members believe the energy industry is not doing enough to move towards net zero; big changes are coming, including for the role of oil and gas companies, to ramp up the pace of decarbonisation

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First steps to net zero: Individuals

Citizen pressure is a key driver of the low-carbon transition, but insufficient behaviour change by consumers is seen as a barrier to net zero. Vulnerable consumers in particular will need help to take action

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About this project

The Energy Barometer is an annual survey of the Energy Institute (EI) College, a group chosen each year to represent a diverse range of sectors, disciplines and seniority levels of the EI’s UK membership.

About the EI College

The EI College is made up of professional and pre-professional members from three different EI member grades: Fellow (FEI), Member (MEI) and Associate Member (AMEI). A stratified random sample is taken from among EI members living in the UK to give everyone a chance to participate and to refresh the College each year. By joining the College, members are agreeing to share their expertise over the course of the year by completing the Barometer survey, and other research and consultation activities. Participation is voluntary.

About the survey

The survey questions are designed by the EI Knowledge Service (EIKS), under the guidance of the EI’s Energy Advisory Panel and other industry experts. Some questions are repeated annually to track trends over time; others cover topical subjects that change year-on-year. The survey focuses on the UK energy system and encompasses a wide range of topics including UK energy policy effects, climate change targets and global energy prices.

The survey includes multiple choice as well as free response questions. The responses are analysed to assess key findings and identify themes from the results. The answers to free response questions are coded and mentions of these codes are counted across responses. In the report, responses are presented as percentages of respondents, unless stated otherwise. This can lead to percentages adding up to more than 100%, in the case of multiple choice questions where respondents are allowed to choose more than one option, or in the case of a free response question where a single response may have been assigned more than one code.


The previous Energy Barometer reports and data are available for download below.


The 2020 Energy Barometer media release can be found here.

The Energy Barometer is an ongoing project, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future editions.

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