Future Energy 500

As COP26 approaches, six young EI members from Aberdeen undertake a 500-mile road trip across Scotland’s future energy landscape. Passionate about playing a practical role in combatting climate change, they visit some of the most innovative, essential and dramatic energy projects, from biomass in Shetland and tidal in Orkney, to carbon capture and storage off Aberdeen and wind energy at Whitelee.

Track their progress en route to COP26 in Glasgow where they will premier a specially produced documentary chronicling their voyage of discovery, interviews with their peers and senior leaders on-site, and the findings they believe could help the UK and global community on the urgent race to net zero.

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The Generation 2050 roundtables provide a platform for intergenerational dialogue. Building on events over the past year, three take place in the weeks prior to COP26, bringing senior industry, political and academic figures into conversation with young professionals to examine huge global issues from the perspectives of different geographies.


Can the Middle East deliver on net zero?

Is the rise of Asia Pacific the world’s biggest climate conundrum?

Does foreign energy investment help or hinder the SDGs in the Global South?

Generation 2050 Manifesto

Climate change is an intergenerational emergency that requires urgent action. It affects us at local, national and global levels as we consider the challenge of adapting our habits as a world community. This is compounded by the need to meet growing global energy demand, particularly for many millions still living without adequate access to energy.

We are Generation 2050. Young professionals embarking on their careers in energy today, and we will be the industry’s leaders in 2050. We will inherit a sector that will be judged on how it has responded, so it’s crucial that our knowledge is utilised, and our concerns are heard.

Through this Manifesto, we are reverse mentoring our political and industrial leaders; giving a collective voice to tomorrow’s energy leaders and providing fresh views on the skills we will need to meet global net zero targets.

As we approach critical decisions in the lead up to COP26 and for the recovery from the global pandemic, there hasn’t been a more important time for the voices of Generation 2050 to be heard.

Sinead Obeng

Sinead Obeng

Sinead Obeng AMEI, Chair, Energy Institute Young Professionals Council

Sinead Obeng AMEI, Chair, Energy Institute Young Professionals Council

Industry and political leaders respond to the Manifesto

Generation 2050 webinars

Is <2C within reach?, IP Week, February 2021

Tomorrow's energy leaders: Shaping up for net zero, NY Climate Week, Sept 2020

Building a global energy system fit for the future, July 2020

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