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A free EI Live webinar, providing an introduction and overview of Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) methodology.

This free webinar will provide an introduction and overview of a systems-based, cost-effective and practical approach to managing Human Factors issues called Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA). This is a proactive approach to managing the risks arising from human error in sectors such as oil, gas and chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and power generation. In the oil, gas, and chemicals sector it is a regulatory requirement to follow such an approach for upper and lower-tier COMAH sites in the UK, and other jurisdictions overseas. This proactive approach also represents good practice for many other sectors where human error could lead to significant costs to human health and the environment. Although many organisations assume that human error is inevitable, it is possible to minimise specific failures leading to safety, economic, and quality related losses by the systematic application of human factors principles. Importantly, these interventions go beyond simply retraining and creating more procedures to include design and engineering improvements and managing the conditions of work.

Webinar Objectives:
• Outline regulatory context of Human Factors & Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA)
• Understand SCTA as a proactive approach to managing human factors risks.
• Explain the elements of the SCTA methodology.
• Identify the attributes of a good quality SCTA.

Webinar Outline:
• The Human role in major accidents and related regulations
• Human Error types and risk reduction
• Walkthrough of SCTA methodology
• How to carry out: Task, Failure, and Performance Influencing Factors (PIF) Analyses
• Case studies to illustrate SCTA in action
• Common SCTA traps and best practice

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This webinar is delivered in partnership with Human Reliability Associates.

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