Volunteering for the Energy Institute

Volunteering for the Energy Institute provides a compelling opportunity to foster excellence in the energy sector, grow professionally, build a strong network, and make meaningful impact. Alongside all the benefits of being a member of the EI, there are a host of different opportunities to give back to your profession.

Why not become a volunteer today?

Volunteer roles

We recognize how important it is for you to volunteer in an area that aligns with your interests, skills, and availability. This is why we have designed different roles. As far as you are passionate about energy and contributing to the industry, there is a role for you!

Help bring together the EI community in your area or field  image

Help bring together the EI community in your area or field

Contribute to EI publications, surveys and policy consultations image

Contribute to EI publications, surveys and policy consultations

Help guide the EI and its core activities image

Help guide the EI and its core activities

Mentor the next generation of energy professionals image

Mentor the next generation of energy professionals

Promote the EI among your professional network and on social media image

Promote the EI among your professional network and on social media

Assess and interview professional membership applicants image

Assess and interview professional membership applicants

Add your expertise to the EI’s Technical and Innovation programme image

Add your expertise to the EI’s Technical and Innovation programme

Choosing the best role for you?

Every volunteer role provides invaluable benefits. But to gain valuable experience that can enrich your professional journey while contributing meaningfully to the work we do at the Energy Institute, it is important to evaluate how your skills, interest, and goals align with the available opportunities to volunteer before deciding on a role.

A quick study of the different volunteering roles available and what they each entail can help you make an informed decision on the best role for you. Rest assured, there is support available for whatever role you choose.

We recognize that over time interests and goals change. This signifies growth. Most of our volunteers switch or even take up more roles as they progress in their career or identify more opportunities to upskill through volunteering. So, if you ever feel the need to volunteer in another capacity or take up more roles, you are welcome to.

“I would like to thank the 2,000 or so volunteers that contribute their time, energy and expertise to our work – this Institute, your Institute, is an exciting place to be.”

–EI President Juliet Davenport OBE HonFE

Meet some of our volunteers

Anthony Levy

As a volunteer, the Energy Institute gives members the opportunity to make a contribution to the wider energy transition whilst enhancing their ability to contribute to their own company’s initiatives. In my experience the best way to start is just to get involved... I did and have never regretted it!

Anthony Levy

Harry Moss

I enjoy mentoring people because it is a chance to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, and seeing new talent coming through. It is a way of giving back to our energy industry and promoting the feeling of being in a community.

Harry Moss, EI Connect Mentor

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Chinyere Bibian Odogwu.jpg

I have been an Associate Member since January 2023 after transitioning from Student Member. Prior to that, I attended EI Young Professional Network events, which gave me the opportunity to meet new people with whom I’m still in contact to date. I also like that I can access training cheaper or free, as well as the opportunity to volunteer within the EI.

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Dave Farebrother FEI CEng CEnv MIEMA, Senior Sustainability Manager at Equans

As interviewers, we get to meet a range of candidates from across the world working in many different industries and facing varying political and economic challenges. It is fascinating to learn how they meet these challenges, and we also get to learn of new technologies and approaches.

Dave Farebrother FEI CEng CEnv MIEMA

Rachel Ward- Environmental Sustainability Manager, Royal Veterinary College

I won the Energy Institute’s Energy Manager of the Year award in 2017 and realised I did actually have a lot of knowledge and experience that I wanted to use to mentor others... The thing I am most proud is my involvement to mentor people at the start of their career journey.

Rachel Ward MEI Chartered Energy Manager

Dr Boma Douglas- Principal Engineer/CEO Doxxy Energy Consultancy Ltd

My experience as a volunteer within the EI gave me a sense of belonging to a respectable peer group and my time and effort have been productively applied for the betterment of society... There is great fulfilment in applying personal skills and effort to have influence in the lives of others through mentoring and improvement of standards in the profession.

Dr Boma Douglas MSc PhD CEng MEI

Lam Ka Ho

Participating in branch activities has provided me with the chance to connect with professionals from around the world. These connections have expanded my professional network and provided valuable mentorship and guidance, which is crucial for my career growth... Based on my experience, I would highly recommend volunteering on the branch committee to other members.

Lam Ka Ho (Polex) MEI CEM CEnv

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Support in your role

Support is available through both human and technical resources and guidelines. Most of the services you’ll be offering as a volunteer won’t involve tools that require sophisticated technical skills. However, there are off-the-rack manuals on how to use them and if you need extra guidance, we’ll be happy to help.

Energy Institute support

We have a dedicated team of staff members who are happy to provide the support you need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us when you need our help. You can send a mail to the appropriate department or to communities@energyinst.org if you are not sure who to address your mail to, and we will take it up from there.

Counselling support

We understand there are times life feels tough and overwhelming. If you ever need someone to share your worries with confidentially, counselling or advice- whether it’s about your work, your finances, your wellbeing, etc., EI Assist is there to help you for free.

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