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Join us in creating a better energy future — and get recognition for your expertise

Become part of a global community working towards a more safe, secure and sustainable energy system. As an EI member, you gain access to unique insight, networking opportunities, knowledge resources and professional recognition opportunities - helping you to better understand and contribute to energy, and develop your career.

Individual membership

Student membership image

Student membership

If you are currently studying.

Apprentice membership image

Apprentice membership

If you are on an apprenticeship.

Associate Member image

Associate Member

If you’re looking to develop your career and plan to get professionally qualified.

Affiliate membership image

Affiliate membership

If you're interested in energy and want the latest news, views and membership benefits.

Technician Member image

Technician Member

Standard route

If you make sure that things work at ground level and solve energy's technical problems.

Professional Registrants route

If you are already registered as an EngTech and work in energy , there is a new fast track route to becoming a Technician Member of the EI.

Member image


Standard route

If you are an experienced energy professional in a responsible role.

Professional Registrants route

If you are already a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer, or a Chartered Environmentalist take a look at our new fast track route to becoming a Member.

Fellow image


If you're one of energy's leaders and influencers.

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Professional registration

Interim Registration (Engineer) image

Interim Registration (Engineer)

Interim registration certifies that you have the foundation knowledge to become a EngTech, Incorporated or Chartered Engineer working in energy.

Chartered Engineer (CEng) image

Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Chartered Engineers develop solutions to engineering problems.

Incorporated Engineer (IEng) image

Incorporated Engineer (IEng)

Incorporated Engineers maintain and manage applications of current and developing technology.

Engineering Technician (EngTech) image

Engineering Technician (EngTech)

Engineering Technicians apply proven techniques and procedures to the solution of practical engineering problems.

Chartered Energy Manager image

Chartered Energy Manager

Chartered Energy Managers are professionals who manage energy in an organisation and make sure that it is used efficiently.

Chartered Environmentalist image

Chartered Environmentalist

Chartered Environmentalists work to mitigate and solve environmental challenges in energy, and to promote sustainability.

ESOS Lead Assessor image

ESOS Lead Assessor

Our Energy Efficiency Experts register is the largest listing of chartered energy efficiency professionals in the UK. As well as being an unrivalled resource for business in reducing their energy spend and their carbon footprint, it’s the EI’s route to becoming an ESOS lead assessor.

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Membership webinars

Our free webinars are designed to help you learn more about the professional membership and registration options offered by the Energy Institute.

How EI membership can benefit you

Watch the below videos to see how EI membership can benefit you.

Just starting out in your career?

Already established in your career?


Find out more about our annual membership subscription fees, application fees, and fees for your professional registrations.

Manage your membership

Renew your membership

EI membership runs from 1 January – 31 December each year. The due date is 1 January of the year for which you are renewing, unless you pay by Direct Debit, in which case your payment will be taken in February.

Direct Debit

Signing up for Direct Debit is the easiest way to ensure your membership fee is paid in time each year and your access to your member benefits is uninterrupted. To register, please complete and submit our direct debit form.

Alternatively, you can renew your membership by logging into your MyEI profile, clicking on ‘Renew membership’ and entering your card details. When you have paid, you will be able to download a receipt. Please also make sure to review your contact details and mailing preferences to ensure all your details are up-to-date.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, then please Gift Aid your subscription by downloading this declaration form and sending it to us. You will be enabling the EI as a registered charity to make the most of your payment by claiming an additional tax back from HMRC. To find out more please read the FAQs.

Upgrade your membership

You are welcome to apply for a higher grade of membership or add an additional professional registration at any time throughout the year.

Applications from existing members and new members are treated the same, except for the special instances listed on each grade’s web page. To upgrade, visit the web page of the grade you wish to transfer to and follow the application instructions.

Update your details

To update your details in our records, including your contact information, areas of interest, and mailing preferences, please log in below:

MyEI profile

Code of Conduct

All EI members are bound by the EI Code of Conduct. If you feel that an EI member has not met the standards described in this Code, it is open to you to make a complaint. Please contact us for a copy of the complaints procedure and a complaints form.

Download the EI Code of Conduct

There is a separate Code of Conduct for the EI’s Energy Efficiency Experts register. For further details, visit the Energy Efficiency Experts page.

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